Keswick Hall College of Education

1969-72 Contacts

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1969/72 Keswick Hall Year Group as at March 25th 2017

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Susan Baker                  

Norman Bullen              

Juliet Burton (nee Saul)    

Val Cadd (Osbourne)     

Rosemary Charles (Waterson)

John Dyer                     

Lesley Easton                

Dave North                  

Hughes (now Payne)          

Chris Kirk (Sadler)         

Gill Matthews (Markwell)

Penny and Duncan McAllister

Karen Parrott (Atkinson) &

Judy Pritchard (nee Rayner)

Mary Sherwood (nee Radcliffe)  

Garry Reed                    

David Scoffield                

Babs Waters (Tourell)         

Judy Shillitoe (Charlton)

Christine Kirk (Sadler).

Val Cadd (Osbourne).  

Margaret Hines (Wright).