Keswick Hall College of Education

Former lecturer: Tony Cartwright

Tony Cartwright

Tony joined College in 1962 from the staff of the City of Norwich School. While a member of staff there he co-wrote (along with Jack Bull who also became a Keswick lecturer, and others) a fascinating book, ‘The Norfolk we live in’, which Keswick Geographers found especially useful. Later became head of Geography; his handwriting and worksheets are especially memorable to those lucky enough to have had him as a lecturer. With his family he lived in a staff house joined to H4, the hostel block.

From 1976 to 81 Tony was co-director of the B.Ed courses whilst using his astonishing energy and talents in a large range of local activities: at one time he was chair of the Norwich Society, founder of the Norwich and District Footpath Society, Chair of Norfolk Research Group and a leading light of the Norfolk Naturalists’ Trust and the Liberal Democrats. He was also a keen Esperantist.

Additionally he produced numerous publications including Jarrold’s Street Map of Norwich; apparently he walked every street and footpath.

William Etherington wrote: “He was a trusted and lively colleague with a well remembered sense of humour and excellent relations with students”

During retirement, in Cornwall, Tony remained extremely active, becoming chair of the Cornwall Wildlife Trust, campaigning for the Liberal Democrats and producing, with his wife Monica,  a popular guide to the Lizard Peninsula.