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2002 – 2018

Mary Sherwood    

26 Sep 2018, 17:13

Year Group '69-72  It will soon be 50 years since we started college at Keswick Hall. On Saturday May 18th 2019 we are meeting up for a day of events in Norwich. Please contact me or Sue Baker for information, and spread the word to college friends. We would love to her news even if you can't make the date.

Wendy Hart               

15   Sept 2018

It was September 1968, 50 years ago, that I was at Keswick Hall. A few of us are meeting up in Norwich the last weekend in September 2018 to share memories. Please email me if you were at the college 1968-71.


David Seddon                                                         

14 November 2017 

It is with great sadness that I have to tell you that Bill Etherington died peacefully at Oakwood House Nursing Home on 2nd of November. His family had been with him in the afternoon, together with his vicar, and they were able to say some prayers together.

Bill had spent much of 2017 in the nursing home in Norwich during which time he became physically very frail. But throughout the ups and downs of his health condition his spirit remained Yorkshire strong and his faith was steadfast and unwavering.

His funeral service will be held at Christ Church, Eaton at 15:00 hrs on Monday 27th November 2017

Family flowers only please, donations (cheques only) to Christ Church, Eaton c/o Peter Taylor Funeral Service, Unthank Road, Norwich. NR2 2PE.

Paul Ferrier                              

Mon, 13 Nov, 2017

PE 1969 - 72

Rita Headington                                Mon, 30 Oct, 2017

I was at Keswick from 1976-1980 and taught in various guises over 35 years (primary/middle schools, advisory services and universities).  Now retired/doing occasional consultancy work.    I've stayed in touch with a few people since then (Di Greensteet, Sally Pollard, Rose Denton, Diana Jackson), bumped into others while working (Ian Nicolls) and recognise some names from our cohort on this site (Ann Jones, Gillian Durrant).  

It was great to see Jane Hussey, Coral Hogg and Jane Wilson at the Keswick Hall reunion in October 2017 and I'm sure many others felt their ears burning as we worked our way through the old college photos!  
Would be lovely to hear from anyone who remembers those halcyon days!

Bill Griffiths         Tue, 24 Oct, 2017

1971-1974. Never really was cut out for teaching kids so, eventually, got a PhD and taught US history in the USof A. Now back here and found this site. I guess I must be closer to death if I'm beginning to reminisce.

Tony Randall         Fri, 20 Oct, 2017

I was at Keswick 1962-63 (thereby hangs a tale). Married Isabel Simpson in 1966. We both followed careers, very different from teaching, and finally came back to Norfolk twenty years ago.

I have often wondered what became of Andy Dawson. I spent very many happy hours singing, with Andy playing that ukelele. I have wondered whether he ever made it to New Zealand.

Rosemary Wills          Fri, 29 Sep, 2017

I was at Keswick College 1967 - 70.  I wondered if there is anyone in that cohort in touch with College groups.  I have happy memories studying art as a main subject with Mr Ogden and Miss Morgan. I particularly remember Penny Bell, Gwyneth Scoble, Janet Makins and Daphne Beards. I have been to one or two reunions although in different years.

Eventually I went into nursing and am still working.

Tim Sutton   Sun, 03 Sep, 2017

1967 - 70. September 2017 marks the 50th anniversary of my arrival at Keswick Hall College of Education.  So many memories. I retired 15 years ago. Got early retirement from an Independent school in Somerset. I taught Maths for nearly 35 years. Recently came across Mike Ifield, a former Keswick Hall student 1966 - 69 whilst walking in Suffolk where I now live. We are still in contact with a number of former students 68 - 71 and 67 - 70. 

Married Angela Barnes (1968-71) in 1972 and we have been together now for 45 years!

 Cullum Andrew       Wed, 23 Aug, 2017 4:15 PM 

 I was at Keswick 1974/77; Geography. Sorry to hear of David Wright passing away.

Have fond memories. Have worked in education in many different areas - now retired at 61!
Have had contact with David Siddall, Julie Hargreaves and Teresa Mills.
Would love to hear from Alison Tripp, Julie Dust, Wendy Elliott, Pam Drummond, Debbie Pond and many others.
Best regards    

Tracey  Lilly                  Sunday 30 July 2017

I attended Keswick from 1977-1980 gaining an B Ed (ord)
I lived in WC block for the first year and commuted for years two and three.
Fond memories of forty years ago.

Trevor Clements      Tue, 11 Jul, 2017 10:28 PM

This is my present email address. Would love to hear from students in the 1962-1965  year group.

David Seddon      03 July 2017 11:49
Muriel Last has just let me know the sad news that Sylvia Ord has died.
She had become very frail.
Muriel also mentioned that she has recently visited Bill, who, all in 
all, is much stronger than the last time she saw him. I intend to visit him this week.

Ruth Paterson (nee Ling)   10 Jun 2017  

At Keswick 1967-1970  Music mains.  Just heard about this site but discovered an earlier entry from me!  Must have been ages ago, no recollection of it and the given email is ancient!

50 years come September when I first arrived and am having an anniversary visit to Norwich in July.  Lots of happy memories,  paddling in the ford on summer's afternoons, hours of practice in the music block, Village Carols, gatherings in Old Hall, all the trunks by the main door at the end of term, waiting for the transport to home and much more.

David Seddon (1962 - 65)   25 May 2017

On 22nd May 2017 at St Andrew's Eaton over seventy members attended the annual reunion of the Keswick Hall Old Students' Club.
The service, led by Rev Marguerite Roberts (1962 - 1965), was beautiful; the AGMs (two) were indecently short; the tea was a feast; the company was lively, warm and embracing; even the weather behaved itself.
In short, it was a joy to be there. 
People came from North, South, West and even East. Some had trained in the 1940s: others in the 1970s.
We are doing it again next year on Saturday 19th May 2018 at St Andrew's Eaton. Same spot on the dial: the service starts at 2pm, but the church and hall are open from noon.  
For more details of the Club and how to become a member, please watch this space.

Peter and Mary Taylor   19 May 2017

Peter Taylor: I was at Keswick Hall from 1965-68 and did PE mains. I married Mary (nee Bowes 64-67) and we are now in South Cumbria where in retirement I am a Hospice Chaplain. I would love to hear from anyone from those years, especially the footballers and members of the C.U. I shared digs with Chris Walker but sadly lost touch. My teaching was in the secondary sector plus being a Baptist minister, school and workplace chaplain. It would be great to hear from anyone from that enjoyable era.         Mary Taylor:  I would love to make a similar request please in case you still have any contacts for 64-67.I particularly knew the C.U. crowd but there were others relating to hockey, to the North West and to Hostel One.  Many thanks, 

Tina Tostevin                       Wednesday 17 May 2017         

It is with sadness that I have received news today about Bill Etherington, from his daughter Jill, and son-in-law, Paul. It seems that Bill, who is in his early 90s, is struggling in hospital right now. He had a cancer operation on April 27th.  I won't go into the details of his additional problems, but the main option at the moment seems to be palliative care.

I have been in touch with Bill each Christmas for many years. He was especially helpful when I first put together a reunion for my year group in the Millennium year when we all turned 40, and again in 2001 - and we were delighted to see him on those occasions. I remember him as the hands-on Principal who was out there with a snow shovel when we were snowed in one year. He was also the compassionate man who helped me, when I went to him in desperation as deadlines for work clashed and I couldn't find anyone to ask for an extension. 

In his annual letters, he informed me about the well-being and doings of staff and students he thought I would know and I looked forward to his updates.
Anyway, I do have contact addresses for the hospital and Jill which I have permission to share if they are asked for.  I said that I would not post them openly on the internet.  People can contact me using personal messaging through the KH Facebook page or 

Mick Hawes  1964-67                              Monday May 8 2017            

It is good to see the new Keswick website up and running. It has given me an opportunity to recycle the articles I had previously published in the KHOS magazine! They are under “Articles about Keswick Hall.” They include one about “aspect” the college newspaper of my era; another on the Variety Shows; one on a former student who has become a prolific author, and a piece that I wrote in collaboration with my college friend of over 50 years, Rod Cross about our different experiences of education, prior to Keswick.

After over thirty years living in Northamptonshire, I moved to north Wales two years ago.  I would like to hear from anyone who wants to get in contact.

Norman Bullen.  1969-72.  History and Junior Sec

Tue, 25 Apr, 2017 1:20 AM.       Yes, I had a great time at Keswick.  Met many great people, and did some growing up!  I'm not 100% sure that the courses I followed were always useful to me later on.  My knowledge of concrete motor movements, (Piaget) for example, has never come in particularly useful.

I had three teaching practices, at Dereham Toftwood, Kirkley High School (Lowestoft) and Thetford Secondary.  I remember the new Student Union building going up (which included a very swish round assembly room) used for discos, film club etc, Keswick News and Opinion Weekly (KNOW), country dancing lessons (another part of the course which has not really helped much), adventures in East Wing and so much more.

First job was at Upton House school; sounds OK doesn't it.  It was a 1,200 strong boys' comprehensive in Hackney, East London.  I remember form 4Q, which I taught Social Science to, with particular fondness.  Unfortunately I could not interest them in country dancing, and the only concrete motor movements involved chunks of it thrown through windows.  Knowing nothing about Social Science was also a drawback.  How I miss the Inner London Education Authority.

I spent about 3 years as deputy warden of a community home for disturbed teenagers, then joined a private school in Bournemouth as an English teacher.  I was there for about 12 years, and by the time I left I was Senior Master and head of the Preparatory Department.  They were great years.

But, nevertheless, I was getting into a rut.  I wanted a complete change, so I applied for international schools.  I got a job as elementary school computer teacher at the International Community School of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia.  I had a wonderful time there, and obviously saw and experienced so many interesting and sometimes heartbreaking things.  While I was in Ethiopia the country was a communist dictatorship.  It was officially called the Peoples' Democratic Republic of Socialist Ethiopia.  The days of the coupe attempt were quite interesting.  As well as the more usual fire drills we had air-raid drills, and printed instructions of what to do in case of an air or ground attack.  But Ethiopia is a wonderful country with wonderful people.  I loved it.

I came back to the U.K. and started up a computer training school for adults.  It went quite well, but I missed working with kids, and Africa, so I got another post, this time as Primary School Principal at the International School of Lusaka, in Zambia.  Another great challenge and experience.  Away from work, we had great holidays in Zimbabwe, as well as weekends at Victoria Falls.  The best part of Zambia, however, was meeting my wife to be: Joy.

I came back to the UK and went to Durham to do an MA in educational management, where Joy joined me.  We married in 1994.  I had intended to rejoin the educational system here, either in a school or as an advisor/inspector, but morale was so low (my tutor told me that education in the U.K. should carry a government health warning) that I decided to go into business instead.  Things went very well, so I remained a businessman until I retired in 2007.

I am now a governor at a local junior school, so I still have an interest in education.

And that's me.

Pat Rudkins  Mon, 24 Apr, 2017 12:50 PM       Anyone out there from 1958-60?     I am still in contact with Sheila (Roydhouse) and Heather (Bates).

Miss Cave, my English lecturer, stood me in good stead for my freelance arts journalism.
The most important contribution to my teaching career was Freddie Cyster (+ Miss Duff). Through them I loved being head Of R.E. in my local comprehensive school.
Freddie's excellent subsidiary Maths teaching contributed to my later role as Head Of Special Needs

Name?   Mon, 24 Apr, 2017 11:30 AM     

I attend K.H. from 1961-1964. We were the first mixed year at Keswick. The year above were fairly disgruntled as their two year course had been extended into the "new" three year training programme.

In a way I was following a family link to the college. Both my grandmother and her younger sister, Constance and Dorothea Cooper from Lowestoft, attended the college in Norwich.

Peter Jenkins       Feb 3rd 2017.      Warm memories of a very special place. Would love to hear from others from same or overlapping years  (1963-1966)

Paul Reeve  Thursday January 26th 2017     Hi, My name is Paul Shreeve and I did the Middle Years PGCE at Keswick Hall in 1978/79, specialist subjects Mathematics and Science. I decided to take up Middle/Primary School teaching after serving for 9 years as an RAF officer.

​I really enjoyed my time at Keswick – my first teaching practice was at Diss Church Junior School in the autumn term- as I had an elderly car I was sent to Diss with a carload of students each day. It was a cold autumn, and on several occasions the car just limped to Diss, and I had to leave it at a garage to be sorted out during the day whilst we were teaching. It was a very cold and snowy winter, and I can remember helping to bump cars out of the ditch near the college when they slid off the road. There was no scheduled teaching practice in the spring term, so I volunteered to help with science lessons at Cavell Middle School, Norwich. My final practice in the summer term was at Woodside Middle School, on the Heartsease estate, Norwich, and I was scared to learn that Ted Wragg, professor of Education at Exeter, was the moderator, and due to sit in on some of my lessons – fortunately all was well, and I came out with a distinction in teaching practice. I particularly liked the mathematics course run by Dr Derek Haylock, who I see from the internet is still a prolific author and consultant on mathematics education. I have fond memories of Mr Etherington as principal – one day I saw a poster asking for people to submit ideas for Reckitt awards (as in Colmans, who were taken over by Reckitts). I decided I would like to visit the Philips’ Evoluon science exhibition centre at Eindhoven in the Netherlands to get ideas for teaching. He was very supportive, and I was duly awarded a grant to help with the cost, in exchange for which I submitted a report of my visit for the governors.
I was fortunate to get a job after Keswick, in the post baby boom child population slump of the 80s, at Kinsale Middle School, Hellesdon, and moved on to be a year leader at Costessey Junior School. Whilst there, I did a part time MA in Mathematics Education at UEA, after the merger with Keswick College. This led to a two year job as an advisory teacher, running a team of fellow primary teachers introducing computers into primary schools (for the children, not administration!) which meant visiting every one of the over 400 primary schools in the county to help them. As this was drawing to a close, I was busy applying for jobs, and after a short hiatus filling in as science teacher back at Kinsale Middle School, I was appointed as head teacher at Bawdeswell County Primary School (between Reepham and Dereham). It was a hard job, as there had been several unsuccessful attempts at keeping things going there since the previous head had left: I had to teach a class full time as well as running the school.
With the help of my staff, we got the numbers on roll up, sufficient to have four classes instead of the three previously, which involved getting a mobile classroom delivered, set up and equipped. I was also able to get a staff room and office built, which the school had never had in all the years since it was first established in 1875. I enjoyed five years there, which unfortunately came to an end in 1995 when I suffered a serious health problem whilst sailing and had to give up teaching.
When I recovered sufficiently, I moved into local government work, including eight years as the administrator for the Norfolk Area Child Protection Committee, but that is another story...
My website is . 
Best wishes,
Paul Shreeve

Wendy Hart ( nee Bunyan) 22nd September 2016    

Thanks for keeping the memories of Keswick going, I am looking forward to further additions. 
I was at Keswick from 1968-71 and made some good friends during that time some of which I am still in contact with. 
I enjoyed looking at the photos you have uploaded and can pick out several 'old faces'. 
Brenda Swinglehurt (nee Roche), Audrey Marsden (nee Allott), Sue Sutton (nee Allen), Barry Jeffries, Jim Cowan, Peter Hart, Allan Attlesey. 
However although I do remember the photo shoot I cannot find myself! 
On leaving Keswick I married Peter Hart and we are about to celebrate our 45th wedding anniversary in December. We both taught in LUTON until we retired, Peter became a headteacher and also a maths consultant and I was a deputy head. We have 3 married sons and 4 grandchildren. 
We both have happy memories of Keswick and have been back to Norwich to look up old haunts.

Alan Flower
Wed, 31 Aug, 2016 6:15 PM               I was at Keswick in 75/78 and thoroughly enjoyed my time there. I was taking secondary school mathematics as a mature(!) student and lodged in the West Wing (in the block nearest the car park. I managed to remain there for my three years!
In my second year I took over as Van Secretary from Keith and with my initials became Alf van Sec!! and became part of the student union. Names recalled are Chris Sugden, David Hickman (who now works in what has become of the main building), Geoff and no doubt others if I put my thinking cap on. Lots of stories around that particular role.
Third year I took over from  ??? (can see his face but not his name) as Union Treasurer.
There was a small group of us that seemed to click and share a few pints down at the Robin Hood but I have not noticed any of them on Facebook or the old site.  Cliff (Australia connection?), Richard (and Sue?), Graham?, and sorry but cannot recall the name of glasses, dark hair.
Good times were had but through life's ups and downs I seem to have lost all photos from that period of my life but only just realising it now I'm retired. 
Could go on with my life story but not just now!!!!
David Seddon 
Monday, August 29, 2016 9:38 AM
It's excellent news to have a new site up & running however early its days….
Rosemary Farren.     28 Aug 2016 20.45      Thank you for sending me the link to the new Keswick Hall website. I’ve just had a quick look and send you congratulations for the effort you have made to get things going again. I can’t remember the words of the Inspectors about NTC and a new start . . . I trust that some of the articles from the former website can be retrieved - I am in contact with some of those who had articles on it, such as Shirley Hall. Glad you have Bill’s article. He missed the Reunion this year as he isn’t in the best of health, physically, however in good spirits and alert mentally. 
Just wanted to say, well done and best wishes.

Garry Reed     28th August  2016      At Keswick 1969-72; main subject Geography. Taught in Cambridge for seven years, then Ilfracombe and have been head of a village school in North Devon since 1981. Still there. Apparently now the longest serving headteacher in the country, despite five Ofsteds!
Still play the euphonium in a brass band; married with three grown up children and numerous grandchildren; lead a local choir and involved in church activities.
​Set up the previous site in 2000 and it was well received. Sadly the website company closed down. However, we hope this site will develop and be useful to one and all

Claire Solomons        05 October 2015 12:05:40  Now living in Australia, no longer teaching. I did a fourth-year B.Ed at Keswick in 1977-78, after getting my Cert. Ed. from London (Goldsmiths). I lived at home in Cringleford and often brought in home-made cake, which clearly earned me brownie points (sorry!). I would love to hear in particular from Kate Allen - I know she bought a flat in Islington (must be worth a mint now!) but we lost touch around 1980.
V.G.Tester        29 September 2015 12:49:53     I have recently acquired at auction a portfolio of artwork by Beryl King -student at Keswick 1964-1968. Can anyone shed any light on this? i.e. possible whereabouts of the lady or family?
Greg and Gwen Varney    14 September 2015 08:47:39        We have been editing the Annual College Letter for 11 years now and would love to receive articles of old students' memories of their time at Keswick. Early October is not too late to send us text and photos,
Richard Thompson        03 September 2015 17:27:13      Hello all who have known me! I was at Keswick between 1973 & 1976 what a summer! I Discovered this site by trying to make contact with Gavin Sumner. I have been dabbling with teaching during my career, worked in leisure and sports coaching, finished supply teaching (maths). If anybody knows Gavin perhaps you can tell him I am trying to make contact. What a site! I am still in contact with a few from my years. If there is anybody out there who would like to contact me I would be pleased to hear from you.

Margaret Mills (Price)     22 June 2015 09:30:18    1965-1968
Been teaching in Norfolk since 1968. Now retired but still doing a bit. Have 2 daughters and 7 grandchildren. Still in touch with carol Ingram, Liz Pearce. Would like to hear from Christine Williams, Grant Miles
Kim Baish    22 June 2015 09:08:32     Have just heard that Garry Read ('69-'72), the driving force behind this site, and successful headteacher at Swimbridge School, Devon has been awarded an MBE. Very well done Garry and thoroughly deserved.
Liz Pierce     20 June 2015 16:44:32      We are having a mini reunion as it is 50 years since we went to Keswick 1965-68 ,Liz Sheila Martin,Carole (Ingram ) Jill (Jaques ) we would love to hear from Chrissie Williams and Grant Miles and anyone else from that era !
Sandy Howse was Mayhew   13 June 2015 14:27:45     Was at Keswick Hall 70-73. Wonderful years. Now Independent Learning Difficulties Specialist teacher in Suffolk.
Rosemary Elliott    20 May 2015 16:47:37      I was at Keswick Hall 1974 to 77 and have some great memories. Sill in touch with a few people but only just! I finished teaching a while ago and now have a micro brewery with my husband. Hope to hear from old friends via this site.
Mary Sherwood (Radcliffe) 29 April 2015 15:35:01
Reunion coming up soon. St Andrew's Church, Eaton close to The Red Lion 2.00 May 16th at 2.00.
Angie Barber (nee Hearney)      22 March 2015 14:37:11
Having discovered this site, I have spent several pleasant hours reminiscing - evenings spent in the Biology lab looking at parasites for Dr Denny followed by a few pints in the Student Union Bar, a field trip to the Gower Peninsula with Dr Watts (how he loved his ginger wine!), eating meals in the refectory, Sunday evening films, tripping and putting my arm through the glass door leading into the East Wing from the Rose Garden! Ahhh, those were the days! Any of my fellow students out there wanting to re-establish links? Please do not hesitate to email. Would love to contact Chris Sugden in particular and have found many items of interest on the net about his career but no contact details.
Angie Barber (Hearney)    20 March 2015 20:39:30
Just discovered this site and had a couple of hours of nostalgia! At Keswick (biology) 1975-1979 (stayed on to do B.Ed). My time at Keswick was one of my most enjoyable and rewarding experiences. Retired (early) a couple of years ago and now live in South West France. Would love to re-establish contact with any others from my time at KH.
Molly Mason nee Turner   02 January 2015 23:45:19   Just discovered this site. I was at Keswick 1969-72, one of David Wright's mains geography group. Sorry to hear about the passing of John Illingworth, I remember him well; such a great character!!
Graham Robson   19 December 2014 00:26:48     Stumbled across this site totally by accident- brought back wonderful memories of my time at Keswick Hall as part of the PE group(1974-77). Just retired from teaching after 38 years- I wonder if any of our team have done something similar! I remember going to a reunion years back but maybe someone with the contacts could try to organise a 40th for 2017. My vote goes to Mark Parry as he is the only one I am still in contact with! Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me from the good old days ps does anyone remember college mothers and fathers?
Brenda Foster Berry    24 October 2014 14:23:07
Did you know Chris Wilson has passed away? Do you know where Olive Adamson ?

Pam Newman nee Box     22 October 2014 17:38:02
Hi I was a KH 1966-7 doing pottery as my mains under Peter Lane. Grant do you remember the clay fights we had? Sorry I left early, health problems. John and I are still married and have 4 sons. I loved the folk club. I was a fan of Joan Baez and still am, saw her last month. Anne Walder where are you now?
I remember boating and how you chaps insisted on me getting out of the boat to push it after you sailed it into the reeds!
Caroline Bligh (ne Barrett)     26 September 2014 22:54:14
I was at Keswick Hall 1972-5.
Would love to meet up with my old best college friend Noelle (ne Ambrose) - lost touch after leaving college.
I teach teachers myself now!
Karen Larnder (now Bates)    22 September 2014 17:21:03
Was at Keswick 75-78. Loved it. Been teaching secondary Maths all my life, and still going strong! My daughter has just started at Roehampton Uni, doing a 3 year Primary degree. Her first book to buy is by Derek Haylock, who taught Maths on the primary course at Keswick. Can't believe it!
Marjorie Ashcroft (nee Wroe)  10 August 2014 16:36:41  1949-1951
I would love to hear from any of my contempories. Now living in St Helens, Merseyside.
I am still managing to get to the May reunions.I would love to hear from any of my contempories.
Brenda Foster   08 June 2014 20:45:28      I remember our 2nd TP.Those early morning departures!!
Two of my mI would love to hear from any of my contem-
pories. Now living in St Helens, Merseyside.
Ian Barnes   23 February 2014 12:39:22     Glad to have found this site. I was at Keswick 1965-68 P. E. mains.
Still in touch with Hywel Williams, John White, Janet Peasgood, Liz Johnson, David Bennett, Di Bodin. Retired and living in Essex after 4 headships and a spell in the NHS.
Brenda Foster(Berry)    24 January 2014 21:27:02
I was at Keswick Hall 1965/68 studying mains music.
Tutors Brian Sargent, Geoffrey Laycock,Sylvia Ord, Rita Berchem .Enjoyed teaching in Nottingham and North Manchester but happily retired now. Three daughters and seven grandchildren scattered round the country keep me happy. Any of my year out there ?
Marion Buckwell   18 January 2014 18:17:33
Trying to trace 64-67 friends. With Judy Garrad and Lynn Hallsworth at present. Thinking of Elizabeth Grenfall, Sue Nash, Marion Peake, Sue Eade at Mangreen with Pat and Leslie Duffield
Marion Miller nee Buckwell
18 January 2014 17:32:05
Hi I am sitting here with Judy Channon nee Garrad and Lynn Cartwright nee Hallsworth reminiscing about the good old days between 1964 and 1967 and wondering when the reunion this May is to be held. We were at Mangreen during our time there.
I am also interested in trying to contact Kirsty Logan who did geography with me. Marion Miller nee Buckwell
Mona McNee
17 January 2014 08:08:49
Will someone please remind me the name of the education professor at Keswick at the time they moved to U.E.A.?
And then was there a Prof Geoff Brown? (Or is my memory failing?)
Fiona Ramsey
14 January 2014 22:52:27
I studied R E 1975 - 78 . I remember going home at the end of 75 when we hasd a drought and the quadrangle grass was dried up and brown: then returning in the autumn from Newcastle and everything was amazingly green again. Great memories. 
Anyone remember -Acker Bilk playing at our leaving do? We didn't realise how carefree we were !
Gillian Tomasich (nee Price) - 1963 - 66)
17 December 2013 16:41:38
 Just discovered this site thanks to Brenda Foster (nee Berry 1964 -67). I am very grateful to Keswick Hall, because it got me going on a very interesting career! I am now retired and living in Vienna with my Austrian husband. 
Does anyone have news of Sylvia Ord? 
When is the next Reunion? 
Maybe now I've found this website I can keep in touch!!! Hope so!
Micky Wintle
12 October 2013 16:19:20
Just found the site. At Keswick 1978-79. 33 years later and four head ships I would love to hear from anyone there at the time. Willy Worsnop and Janice Dye where are you. I still meet up with Ray Payne who got married at last this year. Good to hear that there is to be reunion next year in May. Well up for that as it would be great to see the old place again. Very fond memories.
Dairne Irwin nee Edge
26 August 2013 21:25:43
Just found this site. What interesting reading and memories it provokes. I was at Keswick 1964 - 7 mains Geography. I worked in primary education in Norfolk, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Germany and Lancashire before I retired. I still enjoy travelling. My love of geography never left me.
If anyone remembers me please get in touch.
David Cooper
08 August 2013 18:03:06
Hi to everyone who knew me, I remember Peter Jenkins, Nigel Pett, David Kightley, David Seddon and Clive Hollinshead regards to you all and anyone else who can remember me. I retired from teaching 13 years ago having done my time in special education.
Shirley Harris
04 August 2013 19:43:49
Trying to contact Gordon Steele, Lucy Dennard, Hilary Wyn, Jane Smith
1963 - 1966
Kay Watkeys nee Emery
29 July 2013 23:13:56
Hi I wrote in the guestbook in OCT 2006 & need to update my email address in the hope that maybe I will hear some news from old friends.
Shirley Harris
23 July 2013 19:53:43
I was at Keswick from 1963 - 1966 with English as main subject. Would like to contact Gordon Steele, Hilary Winn, Jane Smith, Lucy Dennard.
Gail Mortimer and Christine Richardson
20 July 2013 22:08:34
 Spending time together after many years. Would love to contact anyone who was at Keswick 73/76. Yes remember you Chris nye!
Anyone remember COlin Brown?
Trevor Clements
07 July 2013 10:27:34
email address
Kim Baish
21 June 2013 12:01:43
Frank's comment made me smile. To be absolutely honest I don't know how any of us ended up as teachers. A process of spiritual osmosis I think.
The thing is that some of us got lucky but the fact that we were members of a Christian College foundation certainly helped.
One thing I do know is that the average Keswick Hall Student certainly compares very well to the products of other educational institutions. I know that from first hand experience.
Just had a hip replacement so I'm watching much TV and playing on the internet. Oh, and the dog loves being teased.
21 May 2013 07:51:21
There is a reunion waiting just for you. 17th May 2014 at St Andrew's Church & Church Hall Eaton Norwich - close to the Red Lion (for those who are better at pubs). More anon. Watch this space.
Christine Ewing (Nee Piercy)
07 May 2013 21:23:03
Have just found the site, I was at K.H. 1964 - 1967 I have fond memories of my time there. I studied as an infant teacher, with Mrs Ross. I taught in Middlesbrough for a while, before getting married and returning to Norfolk. I retrained to teach children with Multi Sensory Impairments. I have now retired. Am now widowed with two children and two Grandchildren.
Catherine Barnes nee Smith
28 April 2013 19:50:56
I was at Keswick from 1979 to 1983.have been married to Howard Barnes for many years. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers us
Frank Smith
02 April 2013 05:15:41
Great to find this site again after several years. Now I'm wallowing in nostalgia. Roger Aspland giving me a tongue lashing for lack of control over the kids at Bull Close School,and then giving me a ride back to Keswick when my car broke down. When I first went to Keswick, I didn't realise you were supposed to be a teacher at the end of it; unbelievable ignorance, but college was great fun!
Nicky Huitson
01 April 2013 17:43:13
Hi- I was at Keswick before and during the amalgamation with UEA years.. So probably 1979-1982(ish!.. It's my age....). Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me... You probably have a better recollection of my college years than I do!!!! ;-)
Susan Nuthall (now Eaves)
21 March 2013 19:12:47
I spent just one year at Keswick from 1965-6 and still regard that as my best year in college (see earlier email.) I am trying to track down Alison Sims. Is anyone still in touch? I last heard of her in Bristol where I think she had married a John Evans.
Paula Coombes (Clark)
15 January 2013 15:43:04
Hello there; I've had the site in my bookmarks for a while and finally thought I'd post. I was in the Music department from 74 - 77, very fond memories of Keswick Hall and especially the choir! Taught in the Sussexes for 26 years, including 3 as an advisor.
Now living in France running a gite and an English language business. Do have a look at the sites if you want : and
Would be good to hear from anyone who wants to get in touch.
Harry Galley
06 November 2012 20:24:38
I was at Keswick Hall, 1964-67. Anyone from that era will recall Paul Moseley. Sadly Paul suffered from Motor Neuron Disease and died in August. 
I have remained friends with Mike Ransby from the same year group. 
One student I'd like to hear from ( or hear about) is Sarah Jackson ( 1965-68)
Andrea Laird
04 October 2012 18:45:30
 NTC/Keswick 1963-66
Inf/ Jun ... Strath dee 
Geog .... GOG
In touch still with Shirley Deem Teresa Mathews Nigel Pett
Did 30 yrs then built up a gardening business , now retired .
50 yrs on anyone else out there .?
Andrea Laird
03 October 2012 18:43:42
 Hello I was at KH 1963 / 66 (Norwich TC in `1963) Did Inf/ Jun with Strath and Geog mains with GOG. Knocked about with a largish group , just read abit from Shirley Deem . We are in regular contact. Teresa Mathews and Nigel Pett are also in touch . Anyone out there in our year realise it will be 50 yrs next year when we started College ? I did 30yrs teaching then became a gardener .Weeds don't answer back ,
Nick Brooker
20 August 2012 00:46:32
I was at Keswick Hall 1979-83. I have very fond memories of the old college. I'm still playing guitar and singing a lot and I'm now working as a Teaching Assistant at Northallerton College (North Yorkshire). I'd be interested to hear from anyone who remembers me.
16 August 2012 17:22:18
Time is running out for material for the College Newsletter 2012. Articles should be with the Editors - Greg and Gwen Varney by the end of August. Their address and email details are in the 2011 Newsletter or contact me and I will let you know them.
12 July 2012 10:35:39
 I was at Keswick Hall from 1968-71 where, much to my surprise, I became a Christian! I returned to Dartford to teach for 21 years at my old primary school, famous as the meeting place of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. Twenty years ago I left and now serve as a minister-at-large with Operation Mobilisation which has taken me to over 115 countries. Married (15 years ago today!) Malou from the Philippines
28 June 2012 09:12:38
News has reached me of the death of Barbara Norrice on June 19th, 2012. Barbara was a lecturer at NTC/Keswick Hall College of Education. She attended the Norwich Reunion regularly until poor health led to her moving to Cromwell House Care Home. 
Her funeral is on Tuesday, July 3rd, at 3pm, at St Paul's Church Tuckswood (Norwich), where she worshipped for many years.
Barabara, rest in peace
And rise in glory.
Memories of Barbara, to be printed in the 2012 KHOSC Newsletter should be sent to Greg and Gwen Varney, editors, by the end of August, please. Their address details are in the 2011 Newsletter or contact me and I will send the details to you.
Maureen Lister
17 June 2012 19:43:44
 I am trying to locate Ellen Ashton. She was a student in the 1960s and visited our house regularly. I know she married and lived in pickering and also in Washington in Yorkshire. I do not know her married name although she corresponded with my mother for several years. If you have a contact I would be grateful Ellen would have known me as Maureen Bullard
17 May 2012 13:10:58
KESWICK HALL OLD STUDENTS' CLUB NORWICH REUNION is this Saturday, May 19th at St Andrew's Church and Hall at Eaton, just outside Norwich. Do come. The Hall is open from 12 noon until 5.45pm. The service, followed by the AGM is in church starting at 2pm. Tea is served in the Hall. There will be plenty of time to chat with friend, old and new. Looking forward to seeing you.
Chris Nye
12 May 2012 06:56:49
Wonder if anyone remembers me? I was at Keswick Hall 1970-73. Had a wonderful career HT and beyond. Am curious about the rest!!

08 May 2012 14:51:09
Don't forget the 2012 NORWICH REUNION on Saturday May 19th at St Andrew's Church & Parish Hall in Eaton, Norwich.
The Hall is open from 12noon to 5.45pm so there will be plenty of time to chat with old and new friends, both Old Students and former members of staff. The Reunion Service is at 2pm in church to be led by the Reverend Marguerite Roberts and the Address will be given by the Reverend Alan Brooks assisted by other members of the 1962-65 Year Group who entered College 50 years ago. It is followed by the AGM, when you can hear about the Club. Tea is in the Parish Hall afterwards - as ever, it will be a good spread and another opportunity to share memories of NTC/Keswick Hall days! Welcome to new comers and regulars alike! 
Rosemary (General Secretary of the Club)
Peter Taylor
01 May 2012 19:35:39
I was at Keswick Hall from 65-68 and despite being junior trained spent nearly all my teaching in the secondary sector, I have also been a Baptist minister, school and workplace chaplain. I have been married to Mary(nee Bowes 64-67) for nearly 44 years and we now live in Cumbria near two of our delightful grandchildren.
I would love to hear from any whom I knew in the Christian Union and the football teams too! Also it would be good to hear from Chris Walker, with whom I shared digs and Nigel Sustins who came from Cambridge.
Rosemary Wills
18 April 2012 15:04:17
I was at the college 1967 with art as a main subject. Although I now work as a nurse and reflexologist I have fond memories of the College particularly the art course with Mr Ogden. I remember Daphne Beards particularly as a talented artist who I believe went to America. I also remember Mr Gilbody who taught about Piaget in psychology
Ian Eastwood
14 April 2012 17:56:42
I was at Keswick Hall College for 4 very happy years from 1979 - 1983 doing the Middle Years course with Theology as a side order. I remember captain America's ( still there) the Waffle House and the fantastic Cornish pasties in the SU. I am living and working in Nottingham now with 3 children and am married to a teacher as well. Soon to retire off to France and finish my book on WW1. I would be happy to hear of any old students or lecturers who managed to put up with me for so long.
Michelle Kathleen Irwin
27 March 2012 22:51:49
Memories of a summer at Keswick Hall - great to have photos of the place on line. I was taking arts courses in 1973. Years later found out I am 12th generation out of Norfolk through my mother's family, the Burnhams, no wonder I didn't want to leave, it was home!
Steve Sheriff
17 March 2012 18:24:02
Post Grad. Chemistry, 1979. I remember Robert Chitson and myself being called before the principal for frightening girls in the sunken garden, playing cricket outside the East Wing rooms, playing trumpet with organist Robert Mark in the chapel and the weekend pot noodle rations. Taught for the last 30 years. Now in the sun in Alicante flogging Linux to the Spaniards:-)
Bernadett Hutchings
09 March 2012 17:39:08Just discovered site - was at K.H. from 1967-70 was Bernadette Reavey. Tried to contact you Kay nee Emery but the email address no longer valid.
Sylvia Abbott (nee Wharton)
28 February 2012 17:02:24
My mother Sylvia was at Keswick Hall from 1952-4. She went on to be a Geography teacher for many years in various schools in South London and Kent. She is now retired and whilst unable to contact anyone herself she would love to hear from anyone who may remember her. She kept in contact with Kay Baxter in Australia until Kay died a few years ago and is still in touch with Ruth Alvearn in Norway. Lynne Abbott

Tracey Lilly nee Howell
10 February 2012 17:13:52
I was at Keswick from 1977 - 1980.
I taught for twenty three years and then had to take ill health retirement due to a severe form of CFS/Me from which to date I am still not recovered from.
I am very sad to read comments form my dear friend sue Westgarth who sadly died of motor neurone disease in Oct 2010 and also David Wright geography lecturer who died of cancer about three years ago.
I married at the end of my first year and travel daily for the last two years. I remember the sunday rations and lack of evening bus service and the queues for the pay phone which was always full up. I lived in WC block in 1977-78. Be great to hear from any one who was there at the same time
Josephine (nee Willis)
09 February 2012 09:48:12
 Hi, My name is Josephine nee Willis I was born in Hornchurch but came up to Keswick in 1937 I was two years old then. My brothers John, Roger, Martin were born in Keswick. We went to Chrosthwaite infants and junior school. Then I went to St Johns for girls which I loved. Please send me emails if you remember me. Love to hear from you. regards Jo
Sally Alexander (Smeed)
20 January 2012 12:27:38
I found this site by accident while looking for places to visit in Norwich. I was a student 1959 - 61. Last of the 2 year course and of all women intake, I believe. Brought back many memories.
Shirley Smith (nee Deem)
01 January 2012 22:39:34
Just been informed of this site by Andrea Laird. I was at Keswick 1963-66, Infants/Primary training. Emigrated to Australia after College and married an Aussie. We have one son. Taught Inf/Prim/HighSchool/ Special Ed and was a Primary Principal prior to retirng in 2005.I don't remember many of the students of my college years but have good memories of many college events, Rag Week, Dances and yes having to stand up when the staff entered the dining room, and the 10pm lock down! Am still in touch with Andy Laird and Teresa Davy (Matthews) and my College Family. Have visited the UK twice and enjoyed seeing the College.
John Gilbody
28 December 2011 22:17:31
Well, it's 9 years since I last posted on here (in 2002), heh. I am the son of the senior lecturer Thomas Gilbody, if anyone remembers him (educational psychology)? I was a 'campus kid' until the closure in 1981.
Anyway, my question is a slightly lateral one. I collect pinball machines, and used to play the pinball(s) in the students union, but have never been able to remember the game title (late 1970s..). Does anyone know it? It was a space-based theme. Please email me at john AT (also if you have any memories of my father).
Many thanks!
Mary Corker (nee Clements)
26 November 2011 11:45:14
 Loved looking through the comments! Was at Keswick Hall '75-'79 English mains. Still teaching in Lowestoft area. Specialising as a Reading Recovery teacher.
Julie Lakin (Glazier)
22 November 2011 22:20:40
Can't believe I haven't found this site before! Was at Keswick in the music dept 1973 - 1976. Taught in primary and then disaffected young people, ending up as head of a Learning Centre in Worksop! Finished in 2007, sold up and lived in a campervan for 18 months touring the UK and mainland Europe. Great to see names I recognise. Still in contact with ex Keswick friends,but would love to get in touch with Helen Goodridge.(PE) Haven't seen her since 1977! If you read this Helen, get in touch!
Sue Maxim (nee Rossiter)
05 November 2011 21:58:35
 I have just discovered this site via Facebook. I was at Keswick from 1970 to 1973 and had a wonderful time. All the previous comments have brought back many happy memories. I still send Christmas cards to several ex Keswickians - Kim and Hazel Baish, Wendy and Geoff Guttridge, Helen Gill, Sue Crawshaw, and have fond memories of many other people to numerous to mention. I married Ken soon after we left Keswick. I taught for 6 years, before having 2 boys. Ken taught for 10 years. But then we took a gamble and bought an old pub and for 20 years we ran a tea room and gift shop, aptly named Maxims, in Norfolk. In 1983 we sold up to have a gap year, that was 8 years ago and we are still leading a leisurely life!! Now we can't wait to catch with everyone from a previous life, who we haven't seen for 38 years. Will we recognise anyone at the reunion - I can't wait to find out.
Patricia Yates (nee Garrington)
18 September 2011 14:19:02
Seeing the pictures of Keswick brought back many happy memories of two years spent at teacher training college. After all these years I have finally revisited the site, very nostalgic!
Chris Darlington
05 September 2011 22:16:13
Wow big remembering. Fantastic keep up the good work
Karen Larnder (now Bates)
02 September 2011 14:10:29
Wow just found this site. Was at Keswick 75-78 and loved it. Have been teaching secondary Maths ever since. Prompted into looking on the net having just read a Maths article with a reference to work by Derek Haylock, who was one of our lecturers and who is still being mathematical! There is hope for me yet...
Teresa Mills- Terry Wilby
11 August 2011 10:57:07
 Found the web site courtesy of Andrew - anyone out there remember me? I was in Keswick from 74 to 77 doing English and Infants ( they were smaller than me!!)

Steve Hudson
05 August 2011 22:30:29
 Further to Social Secretary's - John Stevens (1970-73) earlier comment - Actually 2011 
A Reunion for anyone who was at Keswick Hall College of Education 
1970 – 73 at Drayton Lodge, Drayton, Norwich 
Saturday 26th November 2011 19:30 to 01:00 Cost per attendee £20:00 
This provides a room exclusive to the group, and access to further “sitting” areas and bar. Hot and Cold Buffet. Currently only asked for background ambient music, but this can easily be costed in and converted to “Arthritic Dance Academy” if required………mmmm?
Partner / companion welcome. 
Please RSVP to in the first instance to to register interest and numbers
I have financed the deposit, but will need to pay all balances up front by 12th November. There is plenty of time to sort the mechanics of this.
Hope as many people will commit as possible, as this may be a “ONE OFF” 
Please let me know (Ladies) what surname you require on a badge. (I respectfully suggest you revert to “maidens” for the evening – it’s a memory thing!)
Please encourage as many people you can from “yester year” to attend and make this a truly memorable event. Feel free to point them in my direction if they have
1) The email above - is best, alternatively 
2) 01977621261 
3) 07966056321 
Please leave a message if unanswered, and I will get back to you 
Kind Regards Steve Hudson 

Trevor Clements
28 July 2011 18:06:39
 Where are those 1962-65 ghosts hiding? Or did I dream that I was at Keswick then?
Janette Smith
27 June 2011 19:44:07
I came across this site whilst trying to find out how I can replace my lost degree certificate! I was at Keswick from 1976-1979. The site has brought back some happy memories, particularly of Keswick Hall Choir of which I was a member.
Judy Pritchard (nee Rayner)
16 June 2011 18:04:18
 For any students at Keswick in the early 60s who may remember a mature Geography student, Charles Jary. I'm sad to report that he died on Monday, 13th May aged 85. He had a happy career teaching young people in secondary education in the Great Yarmouth area.
Andrew Wilson
19 April 2011 17:20:56
PGCE Music, 1982-3
I enjoyed being reminded of my time at Keswick Hall: freezing bike rides; punctures on the flinty roads; waiting for the level-crossing to open. I'm now Director of Music at Kelly College, Tavistock, Devon and a successful composer:
John Stevens
28 March 2011 20:55:37
There is talk of a reunion in 2012 for the 69/70 intake plus the years above and below - watch this space.
Barbara Locke (nee Lloyd)
09 March 2011 19:09:50
I can't believe I am the only person who remembers Frank Smith. He is a Legend! I was at Keswick from 1973-1977
Barbara Locke (nee Lloyd)
27 January 2011 02:34:27
I was at Keswick from 1973 -1977 (English mains). Found this site thanks to Pete Bennett who was a PGCE student at the same time. I stayed in teaching for 23 years, including 4 brilliant years as an Advisory Teacher and a couple as a Primary Headteacher.
Wonderful memories of Jack Bull who supervised my 1st TP in Mulbarton. Lovely to read a post from Ros Mellor and amazed to read a message from THE Frank Smith. Frank - I have told the story of you in Dance Drama to so many people I feel I owe you royalties. Oh please tell me you are really a croupier in Nevada! I'm back in my native Wales working in the voluntary sector but really enjoyed the nostalgia blast I got from the site.
Sabina George
07 January 2011 19:52:10
Anyone there from 1958-1960? I was in the Infants Course with Miss Simpson. Miss Duff remembered always especially after a weekend night out (10.30pm - special pass till 11.00pm), seeing her in the Hall and saying "Goodnight Miss Duff".
Heather Dibb (Scruton)
24 December 2010 11:22:28
Devastated to learn via Di Ward's Christmas card that I missed a 50 yr reunion in May. How I wish I'd known about it! This led me to find this website.My memories of college (1960 - 1963) are all good, especially of my 'Norwich family' with whom I am still in touch.
Tina Tostevin
16 October 2010 16:29:31
I've just realised it's been 7 years since I posted!
I organised reunions for the 1978 intake in 2000 and 2001. I still hope to run another one sometime, if anyone from that cohort or overlapping the years '78 to '82, would like to send me email contact details.
I'm still teaching and my children are now 20 and 16. Where did the years go?
Kim Baish
30 August 2010 15:56:46
Now that I've retired I am wanting to look up old College friends.
Has anyone heard from Dick Hall (1970-73)? He was a good footie player and cricketer. He was an excellent quarter-miler as well. Always had a quip and an opinion.
I did History Mains and there were 2 lads who were good friends. One was called David Moore. I remember he stood for the Student Union one year. 
There was another lad called Robert Webb. I remember he was a footballer and played a bit of cricket. He suffered from nosebleeds and was rather a quiet boy.
None of the above are on this site or Friends Reunited. Any help would be appreciated.
Alison Wilson
05 March 2010 15:52:42
Does anyone remember Rosemary Murray, a Governor of the College in the '70s? I am writing a book about her and would be interested in any recollections.
Lesley Snell
15 February 2010 21:38:18
So very sad to hear about former lecturer David Wright I thought he was wonderful.So positive and enthusiastic as my T.P supervisor......always challenging me to think out of the box and to look at the world from different perspectives.RIP David you did a wonderful job
Julie Marshall nee Dust
02 January 2010 18:32:31
Hello peeps! I was at the hallowed KH from 74 to 77. Have seen Rich Hubberd in the last few years and would like to hear from Wendy Elliot or any of our cronies. Have only just got this device or would have done this sooner! Have been teaching most of the years in between, now working with nursery age tinies, and have three biggies of my own and three grandchildren, 5, 9 and 3
Pam Bond( nee Warm)
25 October 2009 15:04:22
Enjoyed reading these messages. I was was Geog main student 1960-63. We were the first of the 3 year trained students and the last of the ladies only. Many happy memories ( and some good photo memories) of Miss Gibbons with whom I kept in contact right up to her death.
We are hoping to visit Keswick again when we have our 50 year reunion on 22 May 2010
Dale Ingram
06 October 2009 10:51:57
This is a general broadcast message to all teachers, or better still retired teachers.. I'm writing a book called "Seats of Learning: History of the English Country House in Educational Use". It was the basis of my masters dissertation in heritage conservation. Does anyone out there have time to answer some questions from me about a/ your time at Keswick and/or b/ your time teaching elsewhere at schools which meet the 'country house school' definition?
Carrie Higson nee Holmes
18 September 2009 21:41:10
Well, that brought back some memories! hello to all my old - and almost lost - friends. Call in if you're near Welshpool!!!
Wendy Bray nee Knight
21 August 2009 23:29:53
Just updating my contact details.
Was at Keswick/UEA from 1979-83.
Still in Devon, would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.
( Sue Westgarth...were you CU president around that time?! Or would you prefer to forget!!)
Mary Bishop-Hunt (nee Hunt)
03 August 2009 00:18:32
Hi I was at KH from 1974-78. Would be interested to hear from anyone who remembers the Music department with Geoffrey Laycock, Brian Sargent and Sylvia Ord. Brian and I correspond at Christmas. Married to Graham, daughters Martha and Katie and still teaching. Have mostly worked in Ipswich state primaries but also in a Prep school and as Class music peri in Suffolk.
17 July 2009 16:05:07
Do you have any info on a c.1972 student Carol Ann Grantham please?
Kim Baish
20 June 2009 12:13:44
I have set myself the task of trying to find a copy of Jack Bull's pamphlet -The Story of Keswick Hall, Church of England College of Education 1839-1981-
My aim is to rewrite parts of it and post it on here for general use. The Norfolk Records Office apparently don't have a copy. Norfolk Heritage haven't heard of it! The problem is I'm in Yorkshire and it's quite difficult getting someone to help you either through email or over the 'phone. Does anyone have any ideas? Please email me or ring me at home on 01964 527380. Thankyou.
Diana Jackson (now Diggins)
30 May 2009 14:35:55
Lovely to see the site- brought back lots of happy memories- seven of us from our year are still very much in touch having had two reunions in the last three years -once when we all visited Magreen where we lodged for a year and had tea with Mr & Mrs D! I have some good news- just published my first novel- Riduna by Diana Jackson- you can find it on Amazon- very exciting!!!
Margaret (Bobs) Platt nee Cotmore
09 May 2009 19:54:50
As the year secretary for 1957-59 I would be very pleased to hear from any members at College during that time. This year -2009- we shall have "been out" for 50 years. It would be lovely to see you at the London Reunion if you can make it.
Sheila Vallance nee Barnes
12 April 2009 22:33:15
Delighted to find this site-just reading the names brought back so many memories - Hi Brenda -great to track you down at last!! I was at Keswick '73 and '77 doing Infants with English Mains, now married with 2 grown up children and still teaching in Surrey. Have gradually worked down the age groups and now teaching nursery, as far removed as possible from the rigidity of the National Curriculum!
It's hard to believe that there wasn't one when we started.
Does anyone remember those summer days when the area in front of the terrace was transformed into Brighton beach with everyone sunbathing while the Principal was walking past clearly disturbed and asking if we had any work to do!
It's funny how the same memories stick out-weekend rations, discos. What about those amazingly antiquated bathroom cubicles in East Wing and the M1 corridor? My room
was on the ground floor and people were always climbing in thro the window late at night to avoid being locked out!
I hold very happy memories of the English Department who were real characters - John Nicholls, Terry Phillips, Mike Hayhoe, Beryl Jones and Muriel Last. I didn't appreciate at the time how good the teaching was. I'd love to do the course again without writing the essays!
Would love to hear from anyone who remembers those days.
Daniel Earl
02 April 2009 20:49:33
My mother Rita Gouldthorp went to NTC from 1961-1963. Sadly she passed away in 2002, but I'd be interested to hear from anyone who knew her. I also have some photos of hers with what looks like a hockey team.
Daniel Earl.

Rob Kelsey
29 March 2009 21:44:22
I'm the Vicar of a north Northumberland parish with a small rural school. I'd like to make contact with either Adrian Bell or Alan Sigsworth in connection with their book, 'The Small Rural Primary School'.

Richard Schagen
24 March 2009 19:26:47
A member of the 1967-1970 group English Lit main. What great years. Top of the Pops in The TV room and the Friday discos. Pool in the little common room a the top of the quadrangle. The rag day floats and pram raes in Norwich. Now retired early through ill health. My friends included Tony Pulfer, Belinda White, Angela Barnes, Janet Brown, Elizabeth Johnson, Alyse Newby, John Short, Pete Thraves and Ian King. if you remember drop me a line at

Dale Frith
01 March 2009 07:26:59
Just found this site! Nice to know that Keswick is not forgotten.
Would love to make contact with anyone who remembers me - 1974-77
Was in education for 26 years with twelve of those as Headteacher of a large primary school.
I now live in France.

20 February 2009 09:42:11

Clive Osborne
14 February 2009 23:39:31
Discovered this site completely by accident. I was at Keswick 1969 - 1972 doing PE main with Roger Aspland and Brian Green. Married Rita Brace (same years but did History) now divorced. became head of large primary school in Peterborough but took early retirement to set up Peterborough Climbing Wall. I thought that would be the end of working with kids but no such luck. I instruct loads of school groups, scout groups, birthday parties etc. I also get to instruct adults on real rock in the mountains. I owe all this interest in climbing to Brian Green who first took me on a field trip to North Wales. We stayed in a little cottage just outside Betws-y-Coed and climbed Flying Buttress in the Llanberis Pass and Faith, Hope and Charity on Idwal Slabs. Thanks Brian you gave me a lifelong passion.RD

John Briggs
13 February 2009 19:28:47
Great site / great college!

Mary Radcliffe
10 January 2009 12:39:52
Nearly forty years on, I would like to meet up with fellow Geographers and other friends from '69-'72.
I am going to the College Reunion at Eaton near Cringleford on Sat 16th May '09 at 1.30pm in the hope that friends will join me for the church service and tea. David Wright hopes to be there, health permitting. We do need to book, so email me for details or phone 01530 411804.

Kay Watkeys nee Emery
01 November 2008 16:29:24
I wrote in the Guestbook, back in October 2006, but now need to add my new email address, which is Still love to hear from "old" friends.

Lesley Stewart
12 September 2008 08:41:53
Student from 66-69. I saw a comment from Paola Lawry and tried to email her, but address not up to date I think. Bunny Nicholson? If you're out there do get in touch.

Jane Edwards [nee Earl] & Richard Edwards
03 September 2008 19:58:03
Jane Edwards [nee Earl] History /Infants course 1966/9 ; married Richard Edwards [PGCE 1969 - Science Secondary].
Both still teaching in Gloucestershire - part-time; winding down at long last!
Discovered the site by luck; anyone who remembers Jane please do get in touch. Best wishes.

15 August 2008 12:59:02
Hi, me again, haven't been on here for a while, so thought I'd add my new details. I now work at City College Norwich (not teaching though!!). I was at Keswick College from 1979-1982

23 June 2008 21:10:00
Atttended Keswick 1976-79 - remember Rita Headington, Sally Pollard , Don Smith(Potts) & Diane Greenstreet. Has anyone heard from any of these people?

B Morris
04 June 2008 20:06:07
I certainly remember the copper beech. It was with great sadness that I watched it cut down.

11 April 2008 20:00:42
Student there from 1963-1966 Discovered this site today when asked Jeeves about Keswick Hall because doing OU BA degree and for next assignmnet doing autobiographical poem using the magnificent copper beech tree in front of Hall Anyone remember it?

Graham Goddard
07 April 2008 21:40:30
does anyone know of Anne Williams,Margaret Cox or Cobs,Christine cox and Linda Cox?could any one point me in right direction.At Keswick 1958-1960ish???

Rosemary Farren
07 April 2008 11:33:17
I am co-ordinating memories of Bishop John Gibbs as Principal of 
Keswick Hall to be included in an article for the College Magazine. 
Please will you send me any contributions as soon as possible - either 
by email to 
or by post to 
5, Eachard Road Cambridge CB3 0HZ 
Thank you in anticipation of your contributions. 

Trevor Clements
20 March 2008 10:16:58
Please note new email address
20 March 2008 09:59:34
Thanks. I've enjoyed my tour around Keswick Hall and its memories. What a great place to be at college. I like the rules for teachers!

Ronnie Valdes Scott (nee Kendall)
12 March 2008 13:26:40
Keswick 1968-71 Jun/Sec English mains. So many fond memories of Keswick. Still living in Suffolk with husband of nearly 33 years (did something right!) In contact with Maureen (nee Silk), Margie Sanderson, Gay (nee Hubbert) Alan Attlesea. Would love to hear from anyone else with the same happy memories

Alan Brooks
10 March 2008 23:42:17
Student from 1962-65 - wonderful experience.
Please note my new email address.
Best wishes to all NTC'ers!

23 February 2008 10:07:31
Still in memory of John Gibbs.I just learnt of his death

Babs Waters(Tourell)
21 February 2008 20:54:15
Just logged on to the site and scrolled through. Some memories from the past and some names.Will post again at a more relaxed time.

Peter Jenkins
20 February 2008 14:30:49
Please note my new email address.Have been in contact with several from 1963-1966 recently.Many happy memories revived!

Mary Standen nee Wolledge
16 February 2008 19:53:29
I was at Keswick from 1968 - 1971 - painting mains and juniors. At the end of the 3rd year I believe it was the policy of the college to retain a painting from each student. I would really like to know what happened to the paintings as I would very much like to see mine again (small oil of one of the parks off the Unthank Road). Does anyone know what would have happened to them when the college closed? 

Thanks for any help - leads. Kind regs. Mary Standen 
33 Callis Street, Clare, Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 8PX 
01787 277134 

Maureen Kirk(nee Silk)
16 February 2008 19:51:56
I'd love to hear from anyone in 1968 to 1971 Geography group (Mr. Cartwright and David Wright or Mr.Tanner's Psychology(Jun/Sec) group. 
What lovely days they were!I, I'm sure that we could more than match the 1969 to 1972 memories! (who remembers hiding a certain new lecturer under the bed when Miss.Primmer did her rounds, for example!!!) 

Mary Argent
16 February 2008 19:49:54
I was a student at Keswick Hall from 1958-60. I went on to teach in Sheffield, Kent and London, then worked in a Maths Advisory Centre and finally got early retirement in 1991, since then I have also marked GCSE and KS3 and some tests for QCA. Any news of Janet Gill (Bly) or Barbara Baker ?
Postal address 
17 Delacourt Rd.
Post / Zip code 
SE3 8XA 
Phone 020 8858 0307 

David Wright
16 February 2008 19:35:42
Sad to report that Mrs Mali Smith has died. She will be warmly remembered as a lecturer in Geog and Junior group, 1968-71. 
She was the husband of Dr David Smith, head of PE.
Message sent by David Wright, geog-lecturer 1969-81; currently at home with cancer and welcoming messages  
Best wishes for 2008
David W
tel 01508 570532

Rosemary Farren
05 February 2008 16:01:39
Message for Alison Mcfaul
I mentioned your message on the Guestbook, yesterday (Feb 4th) at the Committee Meeting of the Old Students' Club and it was suggested that you make contact with me and I will let you know possible ways in which you can find out about your great grandmother, Ellen Jane Pointer, who was a student 1879 / 80.

Alison McFaul
02 February 2008 11:03:36
My great grandmother Ellen Jane Pointer was a student here in 1879/80. Are then any records from that time, please.

Tim Jefferson
24 January 2008 23:18:49
I forgot to leave my email address if anyone wants to get in touch,including you Pete Ellis!!

Tim Jefferson
24 January 2008 22:28:04
Pete Ellis if you're out there get in touch

Peter Threadkell
12 January 2008 17:59:05
Sorry to hear about the death of John Gibbs .Great respect for him when I was at Keswick 1968/71

Anne Mortlock
08 January 2008 13:20:53
New email address, just in case!

02 January 2008 14:37:39
I am sorry not to have put the news of the death of Bishop John Gibbs on the Keswick Hall site earlier.
The Rt Rev'd John Gibbs former Principal of Keswick Hall College of Education, 
(1964 - 1973?),
died peacefully on Thursday, December 20th, 2007, in the Hope Nursing Home, Cambridge, aged 90 years.
Funeral service, 12.00 noon, Tuesday, January 8th, 2008, at Holy Trinity, Minchinhampton, Gloucester.
A Memorial Service will be held later in the year at Coventry Cathedral, where he was Bishop from 1976 to 1985.

Mick Hawes
31 December 2007 16:13:13
Hi Di Bowden
The magazine was called Focus. The weekly newspaper was called Aspect. You might have remembered that as you used to help me to type it up!

Iain Birtwell
26 December 2007 09:03:24
E mail address is

Iain Birtwell
26 December 2007 09:00:20
I have wonderful memories of Keswick Hall in spite on being there only 1 year, 73-74, doing my PGCE.
It was a privilege living in and have such fabulous surroundings.
Left Keswick to work in Essex. Now working for the Local Authority as an advisory HT.
Would love to hear from anyone who I came acroos then.

Bryan Owen
19 December 2007 16:28:25
I was at Keswick Hall 1967-70. I taught for 17 years including 2 years in Papua New Guinea then I was ordained and had a couple of parishes - one in Glasgow the other in Surrey. I took early retirement and am now a full-time writer. Active in social issues of one kind or another. My website is and would love to hear from anyone who knew me all those years ago. I should love to hear in particular form Janet Harper (1967-70) and Lynda Wilson (1969 or 70).
Isabel Randall (nee Simpson)
27 September 2007 00:00:00
By the way, our email address is

Isabel Randall (nee Simpson)
25 September 2007
I was at Keswick 1962-65 - didn't stick with teaching. Married Tony Randall and we now live in Sheringham via Cambridge, France and Sussex.
We are both still interested in music and would like to hear from anyone who can recall details of the special choral work we learnt for the dedication of the Chapel in 1963. In fact we would like to hear from anyone who wants to get in touch. Tel: 01263-823665

Stephen Cohen
04 September 2007
PGCE 1976-7 Main subject History. Teacher and then Head teacher in a bilingual school in Bariloche, Patagonia for past 30 years. Will be spending 2008 on a sabbatical in Suffolk and am looking forward to visiting old haunts.

Stephen Cohen
04 September 2007
my e-mail is

Jenny Hancox (Witham)
29 August 2007
London Reunion time again. Saturday 13th October, 12.15pm - 4.45pm, St John's Church Waterloo. It's good to be able to read everyones memories, even better to swap memories, photos etc at a reunion! See you there.

David Kightley
28 August 2007
Thanks, Trevor! You've reminded me to get my e-mail address up to date also! I've enjoyed reading some of the memories dredged from the backs of folks' minds. It's amazing how vivid they seem to be after all these years! Marguerite and I are still here in Ipswich, though our daughter is now living in London. Both of us now retired, though, as a Chair of Governors, I'm still very much involved in education. Can't quite kick the habit yet. I've enjoyed contacts with several old friends through this site, and would be glad to hear from others. Happy days!

David Kightley
28 August 2007
Okay, so it isn't automatic! My e-mail is now : Cheers!

Trevor Clements
29 July 2007 00:00:00
NTC 62-65. New email address 2007

Diane Colvert
17 June 2007
During my time the magazine was called Aspect. I've had an e-mail from Mick Hawes who edited it. He has all the back issues and is planning to put them on disc as a commemerative 40 year edition. It's good to know I've sparked so much discussion.

Leon Gosiewski
14 June 2007
1971 - 1974 Physical Education Group
We are holding a reunion for all those who were part of the 1971-74 cohort during the weekend of 29th June. The reunion is taking place in Stamford. If anyone who was part of the group but has not booked a place yet wishes to have further details please contact me as soon as possible.
If there is anyone who is in contact with a former 71-74 PE student I would appreciate this message being passed on. To date, as far as I am aware we are trying to find: Derek, Frank, Viv and Iris but there may be others. Many thanks.

Joan Ford (Mogford)
07 June 2007
I was part of the PE cohort 1958 - 1960. I wonder if any one from that time goes to reunions or remembers me?

David Bartlett
12 April 2007
I did a one-year post graduate programme at Keswick Hall in music 1974-75. My best friend at that time was Peter Reynolds (modern languages/German), but I lost touch with him many years ago. Does anyone remember him, and know where he is now?

Greg & Gwen Varney
02 April 2007
We edit the annual Old Students' Newsletter and would appreciate items for the magazine - funny, serious, comment, memories, who you would like to contact, etc. This year is the 100th edition; so would like to make it really special. Items can be handwritten, or sent e-mail. Photos especially welcomed.
Address: 30 Beeches Park, Boughrood, Brecon, Powys, LD3 0YJ. Telephone - 01874 754721

Janet Hughes (now Payne)
28 March 2007
Finding this site brought a smile to my face. I was an English Mains, Junior Mains student 1969-72. Some of the geographers names sound familiar. Friends of friends I believe. I was friends with Felicity Armstrong, Claire Littlejohn, Rosemary (Carol) Dixon. Ken Lloyd, Ricky Mower, and Paul Rivett, among others, and would love to know how you fared after Keswich or anyone who is in touch with them or remembers me. I remember weekend 'rations.' The common room on 'Star Treck' night. (I was the giggly one you all told to shut up.) Education Seminars with a Mr. Wordsworth. Babysitting for the Hayhoes. (They were generous with food!) Silver Service afternoon tea as a treat at the shop opposite Jarrolds. The little book-shops in the old part of town. Goat-lane Quaker House which I attended. The 'God Squad' and discussions over coffee. The production of Undermilkwood, the amazing laundry room! The US student exchange... and much more is coming back to me.

Ian Prettyman
18 March 2007 00
Have just discovered the site. Good to see and recognise the names of familiar people from the past. Was a student at Keswick Hall from 1964-67 with Divinity as my main subject. Spent 36 years teaching in Lowestoft and retired in 2002. Have lots of very happy memories of Keswick Hall. Sang in the Keswick Hall Choir and helped to start the Keswick Hall Folk Club with my then singing partner, Heather Wright. In 1983 did a year's research in Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire for the Keswick Hall Trustees and produced a report with suggestions on how they could support R.E. in the Norfolk area. Am chairman of the Lowestoft Choral Society, perform with Keith Skipper's 'Pressgang', am musical director of a group called the Trinity Singers and have served on the Suffolk SACRE since it was set up. At the invitation of Flagship Homes (their office is in the converted chapel) had a conducted tour of the chapel and its surroundings a few weeks ago. Took them a photo of the chapel as it used to be: they couldn't believe it! Remember the dwile flonking, the barrel-rolling on the lawn near the West Wing and the home-made raft in the 'swimming-pool' during Rag Week? What about the sung grace before and after meals, the roasted parsnips and standing at our tables while Mr. Gibbs and the staff entered and sat down? After dinner (don't forget, in Norfolk and Suffolk we have dinner between morning and afternoon) we used to cram into somebody's room for a cup of coffee, sitting on the floor, on the bed and on the window-sill. Happy days; happy memories; wonderful people; lifelong friendships. My very best wishes to all who may remember me.

Garry Reed
17 February 2007 00:00:00
I agree with Kim (see below). During my time (1969 -72) KNOW was the official 
paper. The alternative satirical paper was WONK. I still have some copies of WONK. I seem to remember writing a few articles for it. I remember the authorities trying to discover who was behind it.......

Kim Baish
15 February 2007 00:00:00
Diane the Keswick Hall newspaper was called KNOW the acronym for Keswick Hall News and Opinion Weekly. It was also turned on it's head and called WONK on more than one occasion. Satire in the best Private Eye tradition? Now that was sommat else our lass.

Diane Bodin
14 February 2007
I've just been reminded by an ex student that the college magazine was called Aspect, not Focus.

Diane Bodin
31 January 2007
I was at Keswick Hall from 1965 - 1968 in the Junior section. I did Pottery mains although I wasn't much good. I married David Colvert two weeks after leaving college and then taught on Canvey Island until my children arrived. After that I did supply work until I returned to full time teaching. I went to a school on Canvey for a year and left 14 years later. I quit teaching in 2000 to become a lady of leisure but I'm now doing supply work in the Southend area. David and I retired to Cornwall in 2003 but came back to Essex after 7 months. You can only spend so much time looking at the views!!!
My years at Keswick were very happy ones. I remember the Film Society on a Friday evening, sitting with a tube of Smarties and then going back to digs in Norwich with a stop at the pub for a half of bitter. 
I also remember helping at the Brownie Pack at a girls boarding school. I can't remember where it was but I know someone from the school came to collect us in a mini bus. Hitching into Norwich was never a problem, I don't think I ever caught a bus. So long as you wore your college scarf someone would always stop and pick you up. 
Remember the swimming pool? It looked like Lilt in the summer and few of us were brave enough to use it. I shudder to think of what Health and Safety would say now.
Watching Top of the Pops in the common room was an experience not to be missed. It was so crowded we were like sardines.
The college magazine, was it called Focus? I used to type it on a Sunday night sitting in my room although I had nothing to do with its content.
I could go on. Happy days.

Peter Jenkins
06 December 2006 00:00:00
Keswick from1963-66.Please note my new email address.

Martin Whelan
25 November 2006
Keswick Hall College of Education Scout and Guide Club
In 2007, Scouting will be 100 years old and the Student Scout and Guide 
Organisation (SSAGO) is 40 years old. 
Although it is SSAGOs birthday in February, we are keen to hear from 
members who were involved prior to 1967 or subsequently in independent 
Student Scout and Guide Clubs. 
SSAGO has always liked having a good time, and 2007 will be no 
different. A special reunion rally is planned for early July, which 
promises to be the best summer rally ever!!! Other events including a 
formal ball are currently being finalised. Even if you have no interest 
in coming along to a rally or other event, we are keen to find out more 
about SSAGOs past. 
If you wish to find out more information about SSAGO 2007, please reply 
to this email or to . It would help if you 
could give the following information, name, involvement in SSAGO (which 
club you were in club, a rough guess at the years you were involved), a 
contact email or/and postal address, what you are doing now and how you 
would like to be involved. 
Please feel free to forward this on. 
Yours in Scouting and Guiding 
Martin Whelan 
Reunion Event Secretary 
More information about SSAGO can be at

Pam Jones ne West
25 November 2006
Accidently discovered this site when searching for Choir 2000 in Cambridge! Wonderful to read about the continuance of Keswick Hall Choir 200 and see all the comments in the guestbook from ex KH students. My years were 1953-1955. Apart from working on school develoment in Lebanon in recent years I'm now chair of a local primary school governors! I can't get away from 'education'!!!!!!! Is anyone out there from my years?

08 November 2006 00:00:00
Now 55 and lost my lovely hair and beard!! Married with 2 kids.
Selling carpets in Colchester
Fond memories of Frank Smith/ Jerry Laws/ Rob Webb many others
Love a reunion!

David Wright
05 November 2006 00:00:00
I was on KH staff 1969-1981; always pleased to hear from ex-students; you may even get a reply..... still at 19 Birchfield Lane Mulbarton; visitors usually welcome, or visit our website run by our son:

Jenny Hancox (Witham)
12 October 2006
The London Reunion is on Saturday 14th October 2006 at St John's Church Waterloo. 12.15 to 4.45. All Old Students welcome. It would be helpful to know who is coming, so we get enough cake for tea! Jenny Hancox(Witham) 60-63, reunion secretary,

Kay Watkeys nee Emery
01 October 2006
I have just found this website & spent many nostalgic minutes reading through it. I was at Keswick from 1967-1970 following the mains PE & Jun/Sec course.They were three really happy years, when the days were full of fun etc. At the end of my course, I went straight out to Fiji, where I taught in an Indian High School for 18 months, so I quickly lost touch with all my friends from college. I returned to Norfolk afterwards & have remained here ever since,have been very happily married for 31 years,& taught in High Schools in Norwich for many years but have retired early. I would love to know the whereabouts of some of my friends from college, in particular, Jen Burrows, Carol Gorringe, Gloria Burgess, Barry Sadler, Penny Bell. My last most vivid memory of Keswick was a production I was in called "The Unicorn",where I played The Gorgon. This was great fun & Roger Aspland & Brian Green not only choreographed it, but danced in it too. It was filmed in the sunken garden, I wonder if that film still exists.! I'd love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Kay Watkeys nee Emery
01 October 2006
I have just read my message (below) & realise my E-mail address didn't get printed , not a lot of good if one is hoping for a reply! It is kay@

Sue Scarlett (nee Bamford)
11 August 2006
Wow this site has brought back so many happy memories! I must dig out the photos. I was at KH 72-75 and shared digs with Kath Booth. Still in touch with Maggie Blundell (nee Adams) although we haven't met up for some years. Now living in Somerset.

Ted Jones
10 August 2006
While I did not attend Keswick Hall, my father was Rev. Ronald Jones, who many of you will remember. My father was on the staff from 1960 to the early 80s when he retired. As well as head of RE, he was well know for Ronnisms, humorous stories which were embellished by his colleagues, Tony Tilford and Jeff McArty (not sure if name is right), his compatriate in the audio visual support. In later years my parents lived in Cornwall and then St. Davids in Carmarthenshire. My father died in October 2000.
My time spans from Miss Duff to Bill Etherington, I spent many enjoyable evenings at the Friday disco and remember a Procal Harum concert, in particular. I made many friends and recognise a couple of names (Ros Mellor and Marsha Utal). I now live in Calgary, Alberta.

Brenda Taylor
26 July 2006
Have just found this site. I was at Keswick from 1973-77. I was an English student and completed the 4 year honours programme. I am now married and living in Milton Keynes. I have stayed in education and am currently an Assistant Headteacher in a large comprehensive school in Bedfordshire.
I have so many happy memories of my time at Keswick. My maiden name is Barber and I had a lovely circle of friends and sadly I've lost contact with them all. I remember Marion, Sheila, Christine, Jane (who married John) Gill and Hilary. What about Geoff from Clacton and Tim? The gorgeous Helen, a stunning blonde who was the envy of all the girls - she was such a nice person too!
The lecturers made their mark on me too. The English crew were such a great bunch - John Nicholls, Terry Phillips, Mike Hayhoe (I had such a crush on him!) Stephen Parker and the lovely Muriel Last who rescued me on more than one occasion when I was in a panic over work.
I remember the Friday night disco's - Mud and Tiger Feet!. What about those rations at the weekend and the times we escaped from canteen food and headed for Captain America's. 
They were very happy and carefree years (with the exception of teaching practice) and I send my very best wishes to any one who can recall me.

Brenda Taylor
26 July 2006
Have just found this site. I was at Keswick from 1973-77. I was an English student and completed the 4 year honours programme. I am now married and living in Milton Keynes. I have stayed in education and am currently an Assistant Headteacher in a large comprehensive school in Bedfordshire.
I have so many happy memories of my time at Keswick. My maiden name is Barber and I had a lovely circle of friends and sadly I've lost contact with them all. I remember Marion, Sheila, Christine, Jane (who married John) Gill and Hilary. What about Geoff from Clacton and Tim? The gorgeous Helen, a stunning blonde who was the envy of all the girls - she was such a nice person too!
The lecturers made their mark on me too. The English crew were such a great bunch - John Nicholls, Terry Phillips, Mike Hayhoe (I had such a crush on him!) Stephen Parker and the lovely Muriel Last who rescued me on more than one occasion when I was in a panic over work.
I remember the Friday night disco's - Mud and Tiger Feet!. What about those rations at the weekend and the times we escaped from canteen food and headed for Captain America's. 
They were very happy and carefree years (with the exception of teaching practice) and I send my very best wishes to any one who can recall me.

Jane Petherbridge (now Jupe)
21 July 2006
I was a student from 70-73. I would love to hear from those who remember me. I was in Religious Studies mains and the A group for Primary education. I moved to canada in 77 and have been there ever since. I am currently living in Saskatchewan.
My e-mail has changed. Please contact me at

Greg Varney
18 July 2006
Now preparing next edition of Annual College Newsletter. New e-mail address with this link to send us any articles. It's a great way to keep in touch with past students.

Sue Westgarth
09 July 2006
Hi, I have left a message before but my e mail address has since changed. I was at Keswick from 79 to 82. Would love to hear from anyone from those years.

Andrew Cullum
11 June 2006
I have left messages before. I was at Keswick 1974/77 doing Geography mains Junior / Secondary as it was then. I would love to hear from people at that time. Does anyone remember Julie Hargreaves. Hope you are well. I am now working in Ipswich and now have 5 grandchildren!! Where did the time go!!!

Diana Comfort (nee Newnes)
02 June 2006
E-mail Address:
On reading the article that I submitted re attack by swans I realise that no-one will be able to recall me as I gave my married name .
Now: Diana Comfort; previously (at college): Diana Newnes.

Karen Parrott (Atkinson)
30 May 2006
I was at Keswick Hall 1969-1972, Infant/English mains. Great to see Garry Reed's, Dave North's and Mary Radcliffe's messages! I'm still in touch with Dave and Mary, also Yvonne Edney (Mallett) and Lynda Loudon. 
I have been married to Ken for 29 years and we have 2 daughters, Gemma, 20, and Aimee, 18.
Anyone else out there remember me?! I have many fond memories of Keswick Hall and of Norwich.

Rosemary Charles (Waterson)
05 May 2006
Met David Wright today who reminded me about this site: I thought I'd contributed fairly recently but see it was a little over four years ago! It's interesting to read through but not many messages from 1971-4 at present... 
The reason for popping up again is to update the e-mail address
Roseamary Charles
05 May 2006 00:00:00
New Email address:

Gill Jackson (Foster)
12 March 2006
Have just found this site.Was at Keswick from1973 to76 and was a Geography mains.Remember David Wright and Mr Cartwright and the field trip to Whitby. Am still in touch with Hilary Blundell who did Art.We were also part of the Mangreen girls and hear from Mrs D every year. Am now a mum of 2 and an Infant teacher iin Woodford Green.

Judy Pritchard (nee Rayner)
02 February 2006 00:00:00
Didn't quite complete the course before I left in 1972 but have happy memories of college friends including Diane, Jenny and Barbara (big Callan fan at college and my bridesmaid at St Peter Mancroft church in Norwich in 1974). Remember the Marmite rolls and milky coffee at morning break and those endless tins of baked beans for weekend rations? Remember the mess in the kitchens when we'd made creative meals with an egg, an ounce of butter, a lump of cheese, the beans and a rasher of bacon? Remember performing "Under Milk Wood" and those horrendous early morning bus trips to TP in North Norfolk? And who was it used to play "Bridge Over Troubled Water" endlessly in the East Wing?? I've now chosen the easy option and work as a Teaching Assistant at Flegg High School in Norfolk - all of the fun, not too much of the responsibility and only a fraction of the financial reward ... but just enough energy left to enjoy my family - husband Michael, and twin sons Owen and Simon who are about to sit mock GCSEs - and to work as a Reader in the parish church at Ormesby St Margaret. Would love to hear from anyone shares memories of those halcyon days.

Pam Hadley (Fuller)
10 January 2006 00:00:00
I have just looked at Pam Bond's photo of Miss Gibbon in the Gallery. I did geography as a subsid. subject to Maths (1962 - 65) and well remember the geography lectures. For one T.P. I even went searching the fences for sheep's wool as she said it would show the children how oily the wool was !! She had some wonderful ideas.
I am still in touch (albeit irregularly) with Ann Luker (Pullen), Anne Slater (Henson), Cherry Williams (Macdonald), Anne Flowers (Hurcombe), Patsy Rampling (Records), and much more frequently, John Scott who is my brother in law from my first marriage.
Would love to hear from anyone from my year 1962-85

Leon Gosiewski
01 January 2006 00:00:00
Calling all ex-Keswick Hall physical education students. If you were a PE student during the Years 1970 - 1975 we will be holding a reunion during the weekend of 5th - 7th May 2006.
Please send me your contact details plus those of any former students as soon as possible. If you know the contact details for any of the PE lecturers please also let me know.
Hope to hear from you that final arrangements can be made with regard to venue etc. Please contact Leon via e-mail:

David Wright 69-81
26 December 2005
Happy new year to all - esp to Penny nee Charles 69-72 who always sends me a Xmas card but never puts her address on, and to Fiona who sailed away with a sailor she met on a Whitby fieldtrip... Just revisited our Sahara adventures of 1977 - so easy now with vjv, but KH were the brave pioneers. Now offering to visit local schools to answer questions about being a non-fiction author - only require supply-teacher level of fee [plus travel costs] if youre an exKH teacher, instead of the Soc of Authors' rate.

Brian Ogden
13 October 2005
Keswick from 1973-1976 RE main. Taught in Norfolk and Herts. Have been writing for past 15 years for Scripture Union, Bible Reading Fellowship, Cracking RE etc. Love to hear from any in our RE year.

Joan Alexander
25 September 2005
Hi! Just found this site via Tim Wilson. I was at Keswick Hall 1974-77, fantastic time! I spent most of my time in the graphics department. Have bumped into Rob Barnes several times over the years. Really interesting to read all the comments in the guest book, managed to put a few faces to some names, interesting to find out what everyone is doing now.

Michael Miles
18 September 2005 00:00:00
Hello - I was at Keswick Hall from 1967 - 1970 in the music department. I taught music in Suffolk for 17 years and since then have been teaching IT in the local FE college. Now I pursue my music with more vigor than when I used to teach it.

Frank Smith
30 June 2005
Anyone heard from Dick Hall? 1970-3. Recently met up with Jerry Laws, Debbie Laws nee Climie, and Marsha Utal. Nostalgia all round! What about Geoff and Geraldine (Roper) ?

Hazel Lumb (Rider)
29 June 2005 00:00:00
New e-mail address.
I'm still teaching part-time and have three teenagers.

Helen Johns
23 June 2005
Was at Keswick 1970-73 and yes I remember you Dai Brown. Certainly remember the t.p crash and most of us simply carrying on again the folowing week! Am still teaching and have just said bye-bye to yet another student. What an easy life they lead nowdays. Remember making all the posters and carrying in the rabbit "thumper"? Lecturers appearing at regular intervals and staying for hours and writing long, detailed reports. Who remembers the small fire before the freshers dinner when someone set alight to their curtains with a candle? Everyone standing out in the quad - far more people than could possibly have been in residence! Cheese rolls and rations and the Saturday morning bus? Gatecrashing the Christian Union and the unique Film Club? How did we ever fit in lectures - oh I remember now we didn't go. Dai - did you go to the dwile flunking?
Stayed and taught in Norfolk for years then the lack of rugby finally caught up with me so back in Wales now. Still teaching Science

Juliet Burton
25 May 2005
My surname was Saul and I trained from 1969 to 1972. Now living in Budleigh Salterton,Devon
E-mail Address:

Jacky Birnie
03 May 2005
My father, Geoffrey Watts, was a lecturer at Keswick Hall for many years
from around 1962. Sadly he died in February this year, and we will be
having a celebration of his life in a Norfolk village church in July. If
there are ex students still in the area who would like to be there, I would
be glad to give them details. I'm not sure if you can put this up as a
message on your site, but I thought it was worth a try, as we don't live
locally now.

Nigel Pett
03 May 2005
At Keswick 1963-66. Now living in Stapleford,Cambridge,
Just to let you know that I am still out there but as a school inspector!

John Southall
03 May 2005
Now living: Sandal Wakefield,West Yorkshire,
New email address

Susan (Pepper) Ghattas
03 May 2005
Vernon,British Columbia , Canada,
I was in Science Dept for secondary schools, active in Norwich Conservation Society, and loved the drama / musical productions.(Beggars Opera and Helen Keller) of the years 71-74. 
We were so lucky withour mentors. Drs Roy Baker and Peter Jennings... and many others. I was inthe group with John Ellis and Bernard Wells - both mature students then andwonder how they are faring. 
As you can see, I am in western Canada, have
been for 25 years and am still teaching and own a tourist resort on a lake.
I would like to attend a reunion one day soon but have only just found
your site and this year is a little too soon to organise. 
Best wishes to all and thank you to the organisers.
Sue (formally) Pepper.

Di Brown nee Sharpe
25 March 2005
1970-73.....egg fights, water fights, salad cream fights in the dining room ......happy days oh and the occasional lecture.Can anyone remember the crashing on the way back from teaching practise and val smith lost a toe. Lynette brown was wearing a wig and when it flew off on impact we all thought her head had come off ! Who can remember Alan Cardew ?He is now treading the boards and lecturing student teachers believe it or not!!!!!!! Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me and those mad days especially the christian union cheese and wine evening when most of us woke up in the quad the next morning never having made the hostels. I am not sure if they ever had another one after our terrible behaviour!

Garry Reed
18 February 2005
At Keswick 1969-72; main subject Geography. Taught in Cambridge for seven years, then Ilfracombe and have been head of a village school in North Devon since 1981. Still there despite three Ofsteds!
Still play the euphonium; married with three grown up children; lead a local choir. Set up this site a few years ago and realised I have never entered myself onto the Guestbook.

03 February 2005
Do send us articles for next year's Newsletter, the more the merrier, especially those from Years celebrating 40 years/50 years.

02 February 2005
At KH 74/77 studying Geography Junior/Secondary. Working in a PRU unit in Ipswich.
Pam Bond(Warm)
29 January 2005
(1960-63) Just received the Old Students club mag. Well done everyone, some great articles especially on the war time events. Well done Gwen & Greg. I have photos of some of the events mentioned in these messages ie the play Noah, Dave Seddon, Carol Pageant & Cricket Ashes etc. Its a while since I last looked at the site-I am enjoying it.

Trevor Clements
18 January 2005
A change of email address.
NTC from 1962 - 1965

Jan Rees( nee Swallow) 66-69
03 January 2005
I found the site through Andrea Crawshaw who found me eventually! I too would love to hear from anyone out there who remembers me! I have taught for most of the time since 69 in various counties and have been Head of Primary in a British school in Malaga Spain for 18 months, having done voluntary work in Peru first! I am still married tho' separated amicably and have a son and daughter, 25 and 28...It is good to find this site

David Wright
01 January 2005
First message for 2005, so happy new year to all (I was a lecturer 1969-81 and memory of all the fantastic people at keswick is not fading yet.) Still trying out new fun ways of understanding our globe, so if anyone is still teaching real kids let me offer some ideas and you can tell me if they're a hit or a miss - address is on our website which you can link to. Still like train rides, world travel, photography. Now have 3 fantastic grandchildren in Lakenham, Norwich, and Flo's geog-story (when age 4) is in 'Child Education' already! Thank you to Garry - one of my first students - for setting up this excellent site.

Kim Baish
07 October 2004
He stumbled, blinking into the bright sun of IT, wide eyed he looked around him and saw names and memories he never thought he would behold again. What a fantastic couple of hours nostalgia this site has given me.
Well done!
Oh, by the way, still married to Hazel, 32 yrs now. Still teaching in the same schools we began in. 2 superb kids, ones on the telly the other keeps the wheels of industry turning. Neither chose teaching, odd that!
Remember Cringleford Ford by moonlight? 
Happy days.

Greg & Gwen Varney
29 April 2004
Gwen (nee Cox) 1960-63 and Greg 1961-64 have just retired. To fill our time, we volunteered to edit the Newsletter, starting with this year's edition. If anyone can furnish us with interesting articles we would be pleased to hear from them, particularly for our two years, qualifying in 1963 and 1964. Of course we want to include all years, especially from those who have done different and interesting things with their lives since leavning Keswick. We hope to use photographs for the first time. What about those heady days when the first male students appeared, the Pageant, Sport, music, etc

Michael Philpott
20 April 2004 00:00:00
I was not at the College - I attended Borough Road College in London - but now find myself in the Keswick Hall Choir for which I am PR/Marketing/Business Manager (some title is needed to satisfy business contacts). I intend putting together a comprehensive history of the choir from 1969 and would welcome any comments, copies of reviews, photos etc relating to the period 1969 to 1982. I do have the archives left by Geofrrey Laycock but these are more an administrative record. Please send any information to me by email as above. Thank you.

Andrew Cullum
31 March 2004 00:00:00
Does anyone know where Julie Hargreaves is now. She was at KH 1974/77. I would love to hear from her.

Glen Fiddy
03 March 2004 00:00:00
I was at Keswick between 1975 & 1978, studying music. What a superb place it was! I first taught in Surrey for three years and then to Lincolnshire (Stamford area). From 1992 to 2000 I was Headteacher of a primary school before changing careers. I now work on the East Coast Railway, working for GNER. Too much has changed in teaching - I knew I wouldn't "last" another twenty years! I hope to hear from fellow students who remember me. 
During the bad winds in January 1976, the tree which fell on to H5, came into my bedroom & I was temporarily housed in sick bay.

Ros Mellor (now Hollingsworth)
02 March 2004
I was at Keswick Hall 1973-76. I did RE as my main subject and have fond memories of struggling to stay awake in lectures! I have taught for quite a few years in Norfolk and Suffolk but am now training for ministry in the Methodist church. I am dreadful at keeping in touch but would love to hear from anyone who may have been at college with me.

Jane Petherbridge (now Jupe)
13 February 2004 00:00:00
Hi! I was at Keswick Hall from 1970-73. I took religious studies mains and was in team A for primary education. I now live in Canada and so have not been able to get to reunions etc. If you remember me, I'd love to hear from you. Keswick was a great time in my life.

Phil Walker
13 December 2003
Didn't know this site existed until conversation with Ian Scolefield. I was at Keswick 1968-71 studying English, beer, doing as little as possible and women, not necessarily in that order. Have stayed in teaching and am working in Suffolk in a middle school. I did a years teacher exchange in Belpre, Ohio - which nobody has ever heard of - in 1989-90, which completely changed my attitude to education ( I now enjoy it mostly). In touch with Alan Attlesey, Ian and Jim Cowan of the above vintage. Love to hear from anyone who recognises my name.

Shirley Harris (now West)
21 November 2003
I was so pleased to find this web site recently. I was a student from 1963 to 1966, majoring in English. After leaving Keswick Hall I taught for a few years in Norfolk then emigrated to Australia in1972 and then worked in schools in the Melbourne area.
While in Australia I studied for a BA Degree at Deakin University, Geelong. 
After 10 years in Australia I returned to this country but gave up teaching some years ago and found a job in a solicitors office, specialising in Family Law. 
I have just taken 'early retirement' but keep very busy with various activities which includes youth work at a local church and being Clerk to the Governors at a primary school. I'm enjoying the renewed contact with children and school life, so in some ways my life and career has come full circle. 
I was so pleased to read the message from Bernard Sedgley who remembers me from our college days and would really like to be in touch with him. It would also be good to hear from other friends, namely Mike (whose surname escapes me but who lived in Ipswich) and Lucy Dennard from Cambridge.

Roger Hawkins
07 November 2003 00:00:00
I lived in Keswick from 1939 to 1954, two of those years we lived at Keswick Hall (1947-1948) seeing the building renovated and the first group of students arrive. I remember the college dances, christmas carols and other joint ventures between the village and the collage. I well remember Miss Duff and Rev Cyster and a few of the students, some of them attending my 21st birthday party at the reading room in the village If anyone remembers the Hawkins family please contact me. Also wondering what happened to some of the students I knew - Doreen Williams / Clacton, Freda Bailey / Midlands and Audrey Stott / Norway or Sweden. Went to Canada in 1960. 
Regards Roger Hawkins

David Kightley
19 September 2003 00:00:00
1962-65 Retired from teaching in 2002. Despite all the changes of more recent times, never regretted my choice of career. It's a great privilege to work with primary age children - and such fun! What "halcyon days" we spent at Keswick! The calm before the storm, had we but known it. Am married (to a teacher) and we have one daughter, now at Uni. Enjoying a busy retirement, and still very much "into" birds! Still retain links with my last school, so no serious "withdrawal symptoms". Would be delighted to swap memories and exchange news with any who remember me.

Roger Lincoln
12 August 2003 00:00:00
Finished up as head of a primary school in Bournemouth but am now retired. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me or my wife, Janet (nee Lade) and who were also at Keswick during the 62 - 65 period.

David Seddon
31 July 2003 00:00:00
VVVooom! Jane and I are surfing!! Well, the North Sea equivalent of it - bumping up against the pebbles under Cromer pier. But for someone (and I am not speaking of Jane here of course!!) who has spent his life pushing doors marked "Pull" and flashing my windscreen wipers at oncoming traffic, this is no mean feat. I am still playing cricket (indoors in the winter) and there's very little else left to say after that!!!. I am also Membership and Register Secretary for the Old Students' Club so I hope to be adding a little something from time to time to the website. Jane has been headteacher (various) and finished teaching a year ago. She retires next March. 
Anybody remembering Jane (Grant) and me (1962-65) please contact.

Clive Hollinshead
29 July 2003 00:00:00
Attended Keswick from 1962-65 and am in contact with several of my contemporaries including Dave Seddon, Albert Bain and several other members of H.3.West 1963-65. Would like to hear from anyone who was at Keswick at the same time.

Bernard Sedgley
19 July 2003 00:00:00
Greetings from the antipodes.I look back with affection to my association with staff and students at NTC.I was a mature age student 1963-5 (What does that make me now!)
I taught for 2 years at Sheringham before coming to Australia and am now enjoying retirement in a rural area of Victoria.
I would particularly like to contact Stuart Donson,a member of my group,Shirley Harris a young lady who accompanied me on the first teaching round and her friend Nora.Also any other students/staff who may remember me.
Best wishes to all .
Bernard Sedgley

Jan Marsh (Janet Nevard)
05 July 2003 00:00:00
Was at Keswick Hall '68-71 - Geography mains.
Have been mostly in Australia teaching/parenting etc since then. Took a walk around the old college grounds last yr when I was 'home' visiting family - still looks a great place to live!! (Don't think we appreciated the quietness of the countryside in those days tho'!!!) Luckily was able to take early retirement 4yrs ago - funnily enough I miss the kids!!
Found this site today - nice to see a few names I recognised. Went to NZ and visited Jak Perry recently. Would be great to hear from any of you....

Andy Bowdler
21 June 2003 00:00:00
At KH for a year 1978-9, having transferred to do the 4th Year B.Ed. Whilst at KH, I was involved in the Christian Union, the Student Union and - most memorably - the Dance/Drama production of 'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner'. It would be great to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Pam Hadley nee Fuller
04 June 2003 00:00:00
I was at Keswick from 1962 to 1965 and loved every minute. I am still teaching maths, now in West Sussex, via London & Australia & have one more year to go before retiring.
Does anyone else remember the Norwich Family system to get us off campus on Friday evenings?
I am still in contact, albeit not very regularly, with the rest of the girls from Mangreen - Cherry Williams (nee Macdonald), Ann Flowers (nee Hurcombe), Ann Luker (nee Pullen), Anne Passemard (nee Henson). The sixth member Sue Williams (nee Birch) sadly died about two years ago. I also have contact with Patsy Rampling (nee Records) who was part of the maths group with me.
My first husband was John Scott's brother and I still see a lot of John who has decided to retire at the end of this academic year. Some of you may remember him playing rugby & cricket.
I have a daughter & two beautiful grandchildren. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me & any ex Mangreen people.

Di Salter (deBechi)
04 June 2003 00:00:00
Anyone else out there from years 61 -64? Made contact with Taff Thompson through Friends Reunited. Dave Seddon...remember Noah production, college theatre club? I was your wife! Now married 36yrs. retiring from teaching this July. 
Living in small village in Cambs. Had two sons till recently, youngest, (doctor ) died in Nov.02. Contact.

Tina Tostevin
07 May 2003 00:00:00
Hi! I was a student 1978-82 and loved my time at Keswick Hall. In 2000 and 2001 I organised picnic reunions based at UEA, but visiting the grounds of Keswick Hall. I have contact with about two-thirds of my year group now. If you were a 1978 entrant and are interested in joining us whenever we get together again, please contact me.
If you overlapped with us and would like to be notified of future picnics to meet up with people you knew...likewise let me know.
I taught full-time until I had children in 1990 ( 2 boys now aged nearly 13 and 8), and have been Supply Teaching ever since.

Joy Brumwell[Nee Gregory]
17 April 2003 00:00:00
At Keswick Hall 1960/63, known as Joyce. Retired after 39 yrs. mainly teaching pupils with S.E.N. [autism]. Have also fostered children with special needs. [A glutton for punishment!] Became a local preacher of the Methodist Church in 1965. Was looking forward to retirement but still doing 2 days a week in school and do not know how I found time to go to work!

Pat Woodside[Garratt]
12 April 2003 00:00:00
1950-52 I am living in Vancouver Canada I have been to the 50th reunions to celebrate both going into and leaving college. What fun they were and to meet up with so many friends was wonderful .My years at Keswick were happy ones .I met with Miss Duff in Cambridge a year or two before she died when my sister Jennifer[57-59] and I had lunch with her, Miss Duff was in great spirits,what a privelege to see her again.

Celia Ohlson
29 March 2003 00:00:00
Anybody out there from Keswick 69-72 who remembers me?
e.g. Caroline Holmes, Rita Brace, Isabel Chaplin, Valerie Buist etc.

David Siddall
26 March 2003 00:00:00
I was at Keswick from 74 to 77. Good to see a few names from that era, especially the Geography group. I,m now Head of a PRU in Ipswich for the sins of a previous life. Happily married to Jan (nee Wheeler) from the same Keswick era.

25 March 2003 00:00:00
I was at KH 1974-77. I studied Geography and Outdoor Activities. I now work with EBD kids in Ipswich with another ex KH Dave Siddall. Love to hear from fellow students at the time!!

Dorothy Barnes
04 March 2003
Ruth, Marilyn, Alison and Dorothy are meeting in Gloucester on Saturday 22 March 2003. If anyone who knows us wishes to join us please contact one of us via this site.

Joyce Brown
28 February 2003
I saw in the Old Students' Club magazine that a website has been set up with memories of college days. I was one of the first batch of students to go to Keswick Hall;(1947-49. We went for our second year while the first year students were all in Norwich. Best wishes for your enterprise!

June Sturgeon
23 February 2003
Can't believe nobody of 52/54 aware of this site. Mai Flanagan (am still in touch), Judy Matthews, went to Canada and we were in touch until she died, Brenda Smith with whom I lost contact. Miss Saunders, Cave,Farrell, Gibbons, Oates, Rev.Cyster, and of course MISS DUFF! 
Other names still escape me except Joyce Fletcher, Monica ?, Marion? I remember faces from college photo as clear as the day we were all around the 20 yearold mark!!!

Maureen Kirk (neeSilk)
04 February 2003
At Keswick from1968 to 1971. 
Fond memories of Mr.Tanner's Jun/Sec education group and Mr.Cartwright / David Smith's Geography sessions; also our many East Wing escapades!.
In touch with Ronnie,Margie and Gaye.We hope to meet up with some more of you at this year's reunion or on this site! Who remembers hiding a certain new lecturer under the bed when Miss Primmer did her rounds - I am currently teaching 6 and 7 year olds in Cambridgeshire, but have tackled the whole range! Married with two lovely daughters..neither of them teaching...wonder why?!!!

Sybil Watson
24 January 2003 00:00:00
1963 -66 found the site through a friend Happy days Plays in the open ait theatre smoking consulate to get rid of the midges swimming in the pool and at Thorpe baths monday night. am still working , head of a village school in Worcestershire ,married two grown up children Anna lives in Vancouver A teacher!!! Ben lives In Bath one Grandson 
Life's good 
headteach @ st-barnabas .worcs.sch. uk

Dave Perrin
20 January 2003 00:00:00
I was at Keswick between 66 and 69. Great times! Now retired (1998) after many years as head of various primary school in West Yorkshire. Have wife, 2 daughters, 3 grandchildren. Love to hear from anyone who remembers me - there must be someone! Have you tried the Friends Reunited web site - plenty of us on there too! Cheers to all, and thanks for the memories - reminds me of a song......................

Frank Smith
25 December 2002
Any of you guys remember me? I was at Keswick 70-72, until Mr. Gibbs, the principal, asked me to leave on the grounds of academic inactivity. Now a croupier in a casino in Stateline, Nevada. Remember John Stevens, Dick Hall, Geoff Roper, Bill Griffiths, Joe Cribb etc. I had fun at Keswick. Also remember going out with Debbie Climie and visiting Jerry Laws at his parents house.

Andrea Crawshaw
24 December 2002
Hi! I was at Keswick Hall from 1966-69. Would love to hear from anyone out thee
who remembers me. Often 
wonder about Janet Swallow, Dereck and Carol Sewell.
Am still in touch with Dave and Wendy, nee Cubitt,Gamble. Still teaching but working in ETHOS pupil support services.I too remember the rolls at coffee time best food of the day.

June Sturgeon
17 December 2002
Anyone out there still 1952/4 or thereabouts? 
Haven't got an e-mail address yet. But will watch this space. Have been in Leicester since '54. Retired through ill-health. Miss Duff. Rev.F Cyster. Too old to remember many names pupils/staff ! Good times and memories in spite of teaching prac.!

Sue Nuthall
17 December 2002
I was only at Keswick for one year (65-66) but have always regretted having to transfer. I remember Mr. Sigsworth and High Noon especially. For most of my teaching career I tried to live up to his committment to the worth of every child plus the chapel program. I am now a priest in the Anglican Communion (Episcopal Church). I live in Richmond, Virginia, USA with my husband, Lindon, and have three children and one son-in-law. I am still in touch with Ruth Collinson, as was, Alison Sims, as was. Would love to catch up with anyone who remembers me. I was so sad when the college was axed but have fond memoires of going into Norwich in a nightdress to carry a mattress though the town - something to do with a carnival I think.

John Gilbody
25 August 2002 00:00:00
Does anyone remember Thomas Gilbody, the Educational Psychology Lecturer? He was my father, and I'd be very interested to hear from you! We lived in Keswick until 1981, and it was a superb place to be a kid! You may remember me (I was in the plays whenever a child was needed, used to swim in the pool even when it was slimy, and enjoyed the pinball, pool, table tennis etc. in the Student Union, tennis courts and so forth). In hindsight - wasn't it a unique/prestige location to live?? Even now, 21 years later, I find it hard to believe how great a place it was to be. A one-off. I would be very interested to hear from anyone.
With best wishes,

Fran Gibbs(Futcher)
19 August 2002
Hi from Australia, I was at Keswick from 1968-1971 and now live in Australia. Please contact me if you rememember me. I now teach Grade 6 (12 - 13 year olds)at a Primary School here in Australia.

Trevor Clements
18 August 2002
1962 - 65. You may remember me. Teacher since 1965 in posts at home and in Africa. Send me an email, should you wish to make contact.

Barbara McElroy nee Raymond
06 July 2002
I didn't know the site existed.I was at Keswick 1971-75. I have now been married to Dave for 25 years and still see quite a few ex Keswick folk.I am now head of a Suffolk school.The site seems to have little about the lecturers-maybe those still in education will turn up at my next OFSTED like David Wright!

Martin Gerald
04 June 2002
I was at Keswick 1969-72 doing Sociology mains. I managed to put off earning a living by going off to do the BEd in 1973. After that I taught Sociology/Humanitities in Ealing and Brent. Was active in the union for some years. Now I am working in North London as a Deputy Head in a secondary school. Just had an HMI inspection so am absolutely knackered...I live outside Watford, and am a season ticket holder at Watford FC....who said things wouldn't get better!!!! I am divorced and have a 10 year old son. I still keep in touch with some Keswick mates.

Celia Ohlson née Bobin
22 May 2002 00:00:00
I've only just found this site. Went to Keswick 69-72. I am head-teacher for a small school in the centre part of Sweden - 122 pupils aged 7-13 yrs. Married with 3 children and 2 grandchildren. It,s really bought back some happy memories.

Jo Ruffell (Harrison)
06 May 2002 00:00:00
Mature student, Geography - 1974-1978 now a retired Business Studies Lecturer/Accountant
I would like to be remembered to David Wright,former Head of Geography esp for Tunisia trip!

Pat Wright
06 May 2002 00:00:00
I am Year Secretary for 1959/61, and would love to
hear from any students of that year with whom I have lost touch.
I am also Treasurer of the Old Students Club, ( I handle all the money and bills!) 
Pat Wright

Paul Mercer
06 May 2002 00:00:00
Please publish my email address and details to anyone from Keswick - it would be nice to contact people from 'my era'! Yes, I was on the 1970 College photo.
Was at Keswick Hall between 1968 and 1971.
would like to contact anyone else that was there at the same time.
Regards Paul

Margaret and Richard GURNEY
20 April 2002 00:00:00
Thank you for an insight into the one of our family homes. 
Richard is descended from Joseph Gurney, Shorthand writer to the House of Commons and William Brodie Gurney, Joseph's son.
Website is very informative.
Margaret and Richard Gurney
(note: The Guerney family donated Keswick Hall to the College after the last war)

Hazel Lumb (Rider)
19 April 2002 00:00:00
I have only just found this website and it has brought so many memories flooding back! I was in the geography department 1968-71. Does anyone else remember the video of that fieldtrip to Whitby with a little figure disappearing up the hill and into the bushes?

Diana Comfort
09 April 2002 00:00:00
I was at Keswick 67-70.
I am on the picture on the web site and I recognise quite a few other people.

Peter Thompson.
05 April 2002 00:00:00
Hi there, I am a former student ( '61 intake ) and am writing to from western
Canada. I am planning a trip to the UK with the specific purpose of
visiting the old college and taking some photographs etc. I expect to leave
after freeze-up this year i.e. November 2002. 
Contacts welcome

Mary Radcliffe
04 April 2002
I was at KH '69-'72 . Am still in touch with a few fellow -Geographers. (Yes I do remember you, Dick Jolly ) . Amongst the many happy memories, I recall being in digs in Mulbarton and babysitting for the children of Derek Haylock and Roy Baker. I also remember starting off the Chapel bell an hour too early and Rev Dick Garrard hurrying across from his house!! I taught in Peterboro then Nottingham. I'm now in Leics still teaching.

Margaret Sanderson
04 April 2002
Margaret Sanderson 1968 -1971
Still teaching, living in Cambridge and in contact with Ronnie Kendall, Maureen Kirk and Alan Attlesey.
Too many memories - but the cheese rolls at morning coffee ,never was very good at getting up for breakfast, and the Bar are the two that spring most readily to mind! 
And I'm not alone remembering the Geography Field trips, Mr Wright and Mr Cartwright
If anyone fancies swapping memories of those ,or any other, times.

Lynn Evans (nee Dunn)
02 April 2002
Junior Course 1966-69
Mains - History
Would love to contact Gill (Brown) and Graham, Diane and Gordon, Mike
Kendall and Mike Pearce and any other long lost friends...

Ian Scholefield
31 March 2002 00:00:00
I was at KH 1969 - 72. You may remember me as the one who was always chasing your money as Student Union Treasurer.
I taught Science for 3 years, in 3 different schools but found it was not for me. Subsequently I've worked for the Inland Revenue, chasing other peoples money again, and for the Department of Trade Insolvency Service, sorting out the mess when the money runs out.
These days I'm managing a team who enforce the National Minimum Wage legislation across South West England.

Dave Gibbs
28 March 2002 00:00:00
I was at KH 1974-78. I had no 'A' Levels and was described as having 'O' Level metalwork and a sense of adventure! I don't remember much about my time there, though it certainly beat working. I taught abroad for a couple of years, then went into special schools . Got a deputy Headship in 1985 and a headship in 1990. I've been the County Adviser for behaviour in Hertfordshire since 1994..

Dave Weedon
26 March 2002
I was beginning to think I wouldn't find any 68 - 71 Keswickians on the list. I'm still teaching, a wage slave in Essex, though I try to spend time up North as I'm researching a book there. Anybody out there remember Film Society on Friday nights?

Dave Cookson
24 March 2002 00:00:00
Hi. I am from the 1967 - 70 crowd.
I would love to meet / contact some oldies like Neil Hodges, Kathy Dowsett (nee
Stratton), Hilary , Penny Bell, Carole Rye, Suzie Barlow, Ian King, Andy Downing, Andy Bransby, Andy Sawyer etc.

Shirley Lee (nee Chang)
09 March 2002
I was at Keswick 1960-63. I was the only Chinese students in the College then. Have fond memories of my 3 years there. I've been living in California since 1966. Would like to hear from any of my old college friends.

Margaret Meldrum(Clement)
06 March 2002
Just found this site through friends reunited. Am still in touch with quite a few from 1963-66, Sue Barker, Margaret Milne, Sybil Broughton and Cath Rogers. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me from those long ago days. I am still teaching and live in Ware.

Jerry Laws
06 March 2002 00:00:00
Jerry Laws married to Debbie (Climie) both former students 71-74 and 71-75 respectively. Just found the website and wondering how much life there still is out there!

Dona Murray (Now Womack)
06 March 2002
Keswick 73-76. I joined the hoardes of unemployed teachers and then went into social work. I am now working in Rotherham where amongst other things I provide training for designated teachers for looked after children. I'm still in touch with a number of college friends but like everyone else would be glad to renew old acquaintances!

Alan Brooks
06 March 2002
Many happy memories of NTC 1962-65.
Miss Duff - a great Principal who knew everyone! 
Carol Pageant at St Peter Mancroft,
consecration of the Chapel by Archbishop of Canterbury, Commem.Days
TP's in Sheringham, Wensum View and Sprowston and so much more.
Taught in Northamptonshire 65-68, since then on Merseyside. Head for 17 yrs in Waterloo, Liverpool. Ret'd '97.
Ordained deacon in C/E July '01, to be priested May 26th '02 in L'pool Cathedral.
Married to Liz (a nurse) we have 3 ch in their 20's.

Gillian Durrant
06 March 2002 00:00:00
I was at Keswick Hall from 1976 - 1980. I did English Mains. After leaving, I taught in various high schools in Norfolk for ten years, finally ending up at Framingham Earl High School. In 1990, I left England for Canada and have re-invented myself as a writer of children's books. My fourth book will be published next summer. All that reading of children's literature with Terry Phillips and Mike Hayhoe obviously paid off. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Elaine Marriott
06 March 2002 00:00:00
I was only at Keswick Hall from 1970 -1971 as I decided that teaching wasn't for me. I joined the Civil Service working in the Dept. of Employment (as it was then). I now work as Learning Resource Centre Manager at a secondary school in Coventry, having worked as a school librarian since 1990. I still know why I decided not to teach! However, I do enjoy working in a school environment and playing my part in the education of our young people. I am married with two children of 22 and 20 who are both at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester. Although I was only at Keswick Hall for a year I remember it with great affection. East Wing was my home for the year. Although I don't have contact with anyone at the moment, I did keep in touch with a few friends for a while. Names I remember are Ann Saunders, Anne Cogman, Gill Houston and Evelyn Stevens and a number of others in the CU.

Maureen Bleay
06 March 2002 00:00:00
Mature student 74-78 mains Geography. Thanks to Jo Ruffell for pointing me to this site. What memories it all brings back, wonderful years at college and as one of the mature students who were so happy there, a big thank you to all the lecturers and fellow students of our years. Hard work at the time but looking back so worthwhile. Thanks again and keep writing books David (Wright).

Pete Thraves
06 March 2002 00:00:00
I was a member of the PE Mains group that commenced in September of 1968. Unfortunately I never completed the course and left at Christmas 1970.I joined the Royal Air Force in May 1971 and have spent most of the last 25 years flying as helicopter aircrew.
Seeing 68-71 photograph again has brought so many great memories flooding back and it's difficult to believe that the bloke with the 'thatched roof' haircut was actually me.I still keep in contact with Jude Whitehouse(nee Aldred)and Jan Sutcliffe(nee Browne) and we visit each other several times a year. I would delighted to hear from anyone who rememembers me, particularly those in the PE Mains group,and I shall be making this web site essential reading from now on.

Wendy Bray (nee Knight)
06 March 2002 00:00:00
Was at Keswick/UEA from 79-83.Involved with the CU,(we were quite enlightened and went to the Christmas disco in undies and garters as 'Ladies of the Night'to improve our image!!) also did English,Art,and moved to Waveney Terrace in yr 4 The 'East Wing five' thing rung a bell somewhere-and I can remember Mud playing at a Summer Ball.They were brilliant
Also remember the Waffle House in Norwich,dirt cheap strawberries at the end of the day from the Market and Rob Barnes violin making.
Am not teaching now-staff writer for a charity,married with two kids and living in Plymouth.If anyone remembers me( and wants to!!)...?

Tim Sutton-Day
06 March 2002 00:00:00
I was at Keswick Hall from 1967-70. 
I have just taken early retirement, after 31+ years teaching Maths in Secondary Modern, Comprehensive and Independent schools. Married Angela Barnes (1968 - 1971) in 1972. We celebrate our 30th Wedding Aniversary this March. We have two daughters Hannah and Amy. I also coached Games for 30 years. I am still in contact with several former students. I remember Keswick Hall and the students that I knew with great fondness.

Joan Stratford (nee Beardow)
06 March 2002 00:00:00
I was at Keswick from 1961 to 1964. I married Nick in 1968 and have a son and daughter and one grand-daughter. I live in Sheffield where I was a Headteacher for 12 years, taking early retirement in 1997. I have since written a book 'A History of Totley All Saints' Church 0f England School, Sheffield 1827-2000.' I would love to hear from any of my contempories.

06 March 2002 00:00:00
Anyone out there remember me? I was at Keswick Hall from 1979-1982. I now teach at Paston College in North Walsham.

David Cooper
06 March 2002 00:00:00
I was at Keswick from 1963-1966, I retired last year taking early retirement. I have recently been in touch with a few people who were at Keswick the same time, i.e. Dave Osborne and Laurence Davies.

Sue Pulford
06 March 2002 00:00:00
Year secretary for 1964/67. Would love to hear from any of you who attended the college in these years.

Babs Waters (Tourell)
06 March 2002 00:00:00
I was at Keswick 69-72.Geog main subject. Good to read Garry's letter in old students mag.  Great idea this website. I've been back to visit the college but only from the outside. I'm still teaching. I spent many years in Newham in London now in Essex

Lesley Snell
06 March 2002 00:00:00
I have had such a nice time reading through all the comments and I just have to ask where are the Chris Robinsons and David Yelvertons Nicky?
I was at KH from 79 to 83 I did the 4 yr B Ed and was in the last year prior to UEA takeover. Yes I remember the Mud do the rations pot noodles. I was always eating the chocolate out of the machine in the sports room !!! 
I loved my time at Keswick. I loved those rooms !!! David Wright I would love to hear from.I always enjoyed those field trips and you supervised my pracs if you remember. I went onto to teach at Blair Peach School in Southall London then went onto to teach in a private school in NYC (completely different!!) Then onto working as a Teacher Trainer in Sydney Australia. 
I married a UEA Student Phil Baxter. We have 3 children 9, 6 and 2 We have lived for the past 4 yrs in the US first in Washington DC and now in Miami ( my espanol is improving !!) Saying that I am reminded of Tony Cartwright trying to teach me Esperanto in his little office and buying me garlic tablets !!! 
Robert Barnes (Art) once asked me for my birth sign and on being informed told me I would never stay in the same place for more than 3 years and he was exactly right !! I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. All the best to all of you

Leon Gosiewski
06 March 2002 00:00:00
I was at Keswick Hall between 1971 - 1974. I now teach in Hampshire. Gained my Master's degree in 1974 but still teaching PE. Other responsibilities have allowed me to rise to the height of an M+4! I visited the College grounds in August 2001 - what a change!
Please contact me if you remember me. I would love to hear from you.

Peter Jenkins
06 March 2002 00:00:00
I was at Keswick 1963-66.Took early retirement in 1994 after 19 years as Dep.Head of an S.P.A.4-11 Primary School in Sheffield.National Chairman of P.A.T.for two years.Have had a parallel career as sports journalist and commentator on radio for past 26 years.Married Val in 1969.Daughter(31)and son(28) and one grandaughter.Have recently joined the Old Students Club and found this website.Contacts very welcome.

Peter Thompson (a.k.a. Taffy)
06 March 2002 00:00:00
I was in the first intake of men in 1961. I have been trying to contact our year secretary through this site but her e mail address is not working. Judith G. would you please contact me. I would love to hear from any body else of a similar vintage to myself.

Alex Dyer
06 March 2002 00:00:00
I was at Keswick from 1969-72 (Geography mains). On leaving I taught in Boston (Lincs) at an all boys secondary modern which was a good introduction to real teaching!!! It really was a case of sink or swim! I still travelled back to Norwich to see people like Pete Muchlinski. I then moved to Peterborough to be Head of Geography in 1980 and have stayed ever since. I did an exchange to New Zealand in 1987, and the first Rugby World Cup was on at the same time! Since seeing this site different memories are flooding back. The food strike,various groups and social events, being in digs,building a fire on Whitby beach and the police telling us to put it out as we were attracting ships towards us! Mr Wright and Mr Cartwright soon disappeared into the darkness!
All good wishes to you all, and look forward to more memories.

Norman Jacobs
06 March 2002 00:00:00
I was at Keswick Hall 1965 - 1967, but I never went in to teaching. Instead I got a job at The British Museum and 34 years later I am still there! I am now the Museum's Personnel manager. I would be happy for anyone who knew me to get in touch.

Linda Rathbone
06 March 2002 00:00:00
I was at Keswick 1969-1972, doing infants with Maths mains. I played the clarinet in the orchestra. I taught in Norwich for a while, but I am now the Deputy Registry Officer at Norwich City College.

Bob McLeish
06 March 2002 00:00:00
At Keswick 1974 - 77, preferring 'the real world', I joined the Royal Navy .... but its funny, after 25 years I am back teaching, albeit adults ... and now manage IT Guided Learning centres for North Oxfordshire College ... Hello to those that remember me ..

06 March 2002 00:00:00
Formerly Ruth Collinson,was at Keswick 1965 - 1968 also in Mr Sigsworth's group. Work for Kirklees Ethos - Educating Those Out of School mainly with children with severely challenging behaviour excluded from school or unable to find a suitable placement. Married with two grown up daughters. Still in touch with Alison Sims, Marilyn
Smith, John White, Dorothy Barnes and occasionally Hywel Williams. Love to hear from anybody who did geography mains or anyone in Yorkshire area.

Judith Gascoigne (Johns)
06 March 2002 00:00:00
I am year secretary for 1961-64 would love tohear from any of our year.

Sue Westgarth
06 March 2002 00:00:00
I was at Keswick from 1977-1981. Does anyone remember me???At that time I was a member of the C.U and we used to try and ward away the spirits from the sunken garden!
I've given up those ways and have been teaching ever since. Write to me, if you can remember me.

Dorothy Barnes (nee Tarn)
06 March 2002 00:00:00
At Keswick 1964-67. History mains.
Now enjoying early retirement, after 3 children, divorce, and almost 20 years teaching.

Richard Jolly
06 March 2002 00:00:00
Does anyone remember me from the Biology Group of 1967 - 1970. At lot has happened since that time. I would love to hear from any ex-students as I regret losing touch with you all.

Sue Bulbeck (nee Bradshaw)
06 March 2002 00:00:00
I was at Keswick Hall between 1975 and 1978. Didn't we have a heat wave every summer or was it just my imagination? Yes I remember the Geog field trips with D. Wright, especially as his PJs were stashed under my pillow!
Surprise, surprise D.W. turned up at my school as an Ofsted Inspector in 1997. 
I left Norwich and ventured south to Chelmsford where I have been teaching ever since.

Cheryl Stonebridge (Smith)
06 March 2002 00:00:00
I was at Keswick between 1972 and 1975.
I taught in shoeburyness for two years and then returned to Norfolk for two years. I moved to London in 1980 and am now teaching at Hill Mead Primary School in Brixton, where I am SENCO and Senior Teacher. I would like to hear from anyone who came to parties in H2C. does any one know what happened to Andy Manning, John Taylor osr Lennie Reed?

Carol Stedman
06 March 2002 00:00:00
I was at Keswick 1965-1968, junior course with lecturer Alan Sigsworth (Siggy),taught in Hounslow for 3 years, VSO 1971-1973 in Papua/New Guinea, returned to Hounslow back to the same school! was made redundant Christmas 2000, supply teaching now, living in Staines. Still keep in touch with the old Mangreen lot, Mim, Liz, Jenni, Judes, Jane, Trish + Dinkie and Fay

Ruth Paterson(nee Ling)
06 March 2002 00:00:00
At Keswick from 1967 to 1970 - Music department - and around Norwick for the next 3 years too. Now in Kent, Maths Coordinator.

Kath Cook (nee Booth)
06 March 2002 00:00:00
Left in 1975 and stayed in East Anglia, now head of a primary school on the Suffolk coast. I come across many former Keswick students who are still teaching in Suffolk but would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

David Hickman
06 March 2002 00:00:00
I attended Keswick between 1974 and 1978 spending the last year as College President. I married Kim Jarman who did Music whilst I studied RE (what a fantastic department that was!).
I left to teach RE firstly at Wymondham High School and then at Hethersett High leaving Education in 1989 (Did we join to teach a National Curriculum?) I am now an Independent Financial Adviser whilst Kim is still teaching. We live just South of Norwich.

Peter Cox
06 March 2002 00:00:00
What a turnup!
I was at Keswick from '73 to '77 in the Art bit. Now Head of Expressive Arts in 11-18 in Brentwood but living near Colchester. Still in contact with Dave Simington and Dave Hickman. 
Would love to know where Liz Rowles and Tim Brooke are now......?


John Stevens
06 March 2002 00:00:00

At Keswick 69/73 Social secretary for nearly three years -who remembers Roxy Music at the college ball? And what about the discos - won't get fooled again! Now on my fourth headship in South East London but more importantly still playing basketball, football and singing in a rock band - not prepared to grow up just grow old. married to Claire (Calver) with two fabulous kids. Do we need a reunion or what?

Maggie Hurll
06 March 2002 00:00:00
Retired Deputy Head after a lifetime of Infant/First teaching
Anyone else out there from this era?

Joan Evans (nee Stocker)
06 March 2002 00:00:00
Haven't seen any messages yet from anyone in my year. I was at Keswick 1955 -57. Anyone out there remember me?

Annie Woods nee Langston
06 March 2002 00:00:00
How the world turns! I now train teachers at Nottingham Trent University after, like Dona, leaving Keswick with no job, working in voluntary sector, teaching in a Nursery, having 3 kids, working in FE, doing  OU BA/MA then joining academia. Frankly, I'm not sure what I offer to 18 year olds whilst still hankering after integated days and child centredness, but I do love giving a performance based

Jude Aldred
06 March 2002 00:00:00
At Keswick 68/71. Did PE mains and loved every minute. Great to see so many names I recognize, would we recognize the faces I wonder!!!

Neil Hodges
06 March 2002 00:00:00
I was at Keswick between '67 and 70. Since then I have been in teaching for most of the time. I spent 27 years in Suffolk being Head of Department in various schools. Now teaching in North Yorkshire as AST and Head of ICT Faculty. I still think of Keswick as a wonderful time!

Nicky Huitson
06 March 2002 00:00:00
Hi-I was at Keswick from 1979-1983ish.
Does anybody remember the East Wing Five, Mugsy Dale,me,etc? Midnight dips in the pond, mud playing at our leaving do?? Dave Yelverton??Chris Robinson??

Bridget Selway nee Laird
06 March 2002 00:00:00
Where are the rest of you Wrinklies like me? (1959-1961) I remember N.T.C. as very happy days. Will never forget Miss Duff. Yes she knew us all inside-out. We loved her. I've had a very happy life. Married Rupert a few days after leaving and we have two sons and 4 granchildren.Had lots of very interesting teaching experiences. Now run a smallholding , goats and organic food our speciality. So say retirement!

Rosemary Charles (Waterson)
06 March 2002 00:00:00
I'm very pleased that David Wright pointed me to this site. It great to 're-visit' Keswick where I came from Kent to be a student 1971-4. However my links with the college go back to my Grandmother and Great Aunt who were students at College Road in 1902-4.
After Keswick I did a BEd in Cambridge, before moving to Wymondham where I still live. I taught briefly in Wymondham, Swaffham and North Walsham before having children and discovering home education. Last year I was a co-author of the book 'Free Range Education'.
I'll look at this site from time to time to 'see' old friends. Spotted Leon's piece - hello! Do you remember failing me on the Union Minibus test? I've driven a number of them since so it didn't put me off :-)

Wendy Hart nee Bunyan
06 March 2002 00:00:00
I was at Keswick from 1968/1971 and took the junior secondary course with Divinity mains.
I married Peter Hart who was at Keswick at the same time and we are still married!
Peter is a primary headteacher in Luton and I am a deputy headteacher at another Luton primary school.
We are still in contact with Susan Sutton nee Allen, Audrey Marsden nee Allott and Brenda Swinglehurst nee Roche.

Jennie Nemar nee Wilson
06 March 2002 00:00:00
I was at Keswick 1971-74. I am now an Assistant Head of a primary school in Luton. I live in Harlington but visit Norwich when I can as my sister-in law lives there. The last time I visited Keswick it was Jewson's head office and a security guard let me look round, muttering under his breath 'another teacher!'

Marlene Perowne (nee Taylor)
06 March 2002 00:00:00
Hi to everyone out there! 
I was a student between 1972 and 1975. Spent fifteen years teaching abroad - Sydney, Singapore, Thailand and back to England and the National Curriculum.
Left the profession and worked as a journalist for three years. Am now working on my first novel. 
Many fond memories of my time in Norfolk. Anyone remember Andy who in 1972 was my college father and ran the college mini-bus for the union? 
Please get in touch anyone who likes red wine :O) Marlene

Trevor Nelson
06 March 2002 00:00:00
I was at Keswick Hall from 1967 to 1970.The time of the best soccer team in its history- well I think so.I did geography as my main subject and managed to fit in some work around a hectic sport and social diary. Who remembers The Bill of Rights? No prizes for guessing just jogging memories.

John Southall
06 March 2002 00:00:00
Attended 1967/1970. Biology mains.Retired at 50. Living in Wakefield. Contacts welcome.It's time we had a reunion?

Anne Mortlock
06 March 2002 00:00:00
I was at Keswick from 1975 -1978 and loved every minute! I particularly remember (just like David Wright) the Geography field trips and I wonder whether he remembers the time we hid his pyjamas! My particular friends at that time were Sue Bradshaw, Angie Hearney, Marion, Jill Clarke and Gita Lakhlani. By the way, did anyone ever find out who put 'Resussi Annie' on the toilet in First Aid?!!!

Marilyn Farrow nee Smith
06 March 2002 00:00:00
I studied Fine Art 65-68. Who remembers the 'Alleluia Chorus'? Taught in Hampshire until 91. Now living in Devon and working with Adult Basic Skills in Plymouth. Still in touch with friends from Keswick Hall even though we are spread throughout the country. Have fond memories of the Folk Club and everyone piling into the Common Room to watch TOTP!

Stella Dixon(Edwards)
06 March 2002 00:00:00
Another wrinkly!At Keswick 1957-59.I've only just discovered this site,and learned there's an old students club.I taught in Kent,then East Anglia, until about 1990,then I became a Relate counsellor.I currently counsel in Norwich.I'm married to Roger,a (semi- )retired priest,and live near N.Walsham.We have contact with Alan Robson,who I believe taught at Keswick in the 60s. Anyone else from my time?

Paola Bagnall (nee Lawry)
06 March 2002 00:00:00
What a great site! 
I am just discovering the Internet as I am a slow learner on the computer, but improving all the time!! 
I was at Keswick from 1966-1970 so any one out there at the same time as me do get in touch please!! I did biology mains and remember my life in Norflolk with great nostalgia. I went to my first reunion in London this October, but there was no-one from my era. 
I am still teaching, part time now in a 6th form college as I have retrained as a hyponotherapist and so work two days a week at a Natural Medicine Centre. 
I live in Purley, Surrey and am married and have two sons 27, and 25 years old.

Peter Threadkell
06 March 2002 00:00:00
I was at Keswick 1968-1971, Junior course with History as a main subject.
I have just retired after 30 years teaching in Norfolk.
Anyone out there who I know?

Alison Spicer nee Keeling
06 March 2002 00:00:00
I was at Keswick 1979-1982. I am now living and working in the Midlands. Does anyone remember me?

Colin Cruise
06 March 2002 00:00:00
I was at Keswick from 71 to 74. $ years teaching in Norfolk. 10 years back at home in Ipswich and from then on in Wiltshire where I am now SENCO at a 1300 comp. Married, to an ex. Keswick student. 2 kids, 16 and 14. It would be interesting to hear from anyone.

Diana Comfort ( Newnes)
06 March 2002 00:00:00
At Keswick from 1967-70 PE main with infant education. Taught in Kent from then till present time full, part and supply work. Married for 27 years 3 children.Just given up full time job for ever!!

Ronnie Valdes Scott (nee Kendall)
06 March 2002 00:00:00
I was at Keswick Hall from 1968-71. Jun/Sec English mains. Still in touch with Margie Sanderson, Maureen Kirk (nee Silk), Alan Attlesey, Gay Germaine(nee Hubbert) who was assistant Domestic Burser. I have very fond memories of the time I spent at Keswick although I did not remain in teaching for long. Live in Suffolk with husband of 26 years and would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. Recognised some faces from the 1970 photo.

Helen Lund (nee Johns)
06 March 2002 00:00:00
Biolgy Mains (Secondary) 1970-73
Still teaching in Norfolk. Now Manager of a Student Support Unit in a City School.Haven't met any ex Keswick since being out at Cromer where I caught up with Tony Pashley and Richard Baker.
Did keep in touch with Evelyn Stevens for a number of years, but we both moved and lost touch.
Any one from 70-73 living locally still?