Keswick Hall College of Education

The Keswick Hall Old Students' Club

All former students of Keswick Hall College of Education are potential members of the Old Students' Club.

Along with an Annual Reunion towards the end of May in year, in Norwich, the club produces a magazine each January.

To find out more contact: David Seddon, Chair of the Old Students' Club, at: , or use

the Contact Us pages on this website.


On 22nd May 2017 at St Andrew's Eaton over seventy members attended the annual reunion of the Keswick Hall Old Students' Club.

The service, led by Rev Marguerite Roberts (1962 - 1965), was beautiful; the AGMs (two) were indecently short; the tea was a feast; the company was lively, warm and embracing; even the weather behaved itself. In short, it was a joy to be there. 

People came from North, South, West and even East. Some had trained in the 1940s: others in the 1970s.

We are doing it again next year on Saturday 19th May 2018 at St Andrew's Eaton. Same spot on the dial: the

service starts at 2pm, but the church and hall are open from noon.  

For more details of the Club and how to become a member, please see below...

David Seddon (1962 - 65) Chair



Since the foundation of the Club in 1895 its principal aim has been to be "a permanent bond of fellowship and union among past students". This it has achieved through the magazine, reunion, the reunion service and the work of the year secretaries. The website also makes contact possible.

The Club is now constitutionally empowered to give financial support to charities whose purpose is the education and well being of children who need such provision.

Additionally there is the Fellowship Fund which is a registered charity. Voluntary donations from members are used to make gifts to old students, former members of staff or their dependents who might have fallen on hard times. Similarly gifts of flowers are sent to members in difficult circumstances who would be buoyed up by such a gift. All applications are dealt with in the strictest confidence.
From the Fellowship Fund a donation (currently £500) is made annually to Parkside Special School which occupies the site of the old College TP School in College Road.

There are around 300 Club members; the most senior of whom were trained in the 1930s.
We need to build our membership from the students of more recent years.

REUNION on 19th May 2018 at St Andrew's Church Eaton
You are warmly invited to the reunion which starts in the church at 2 pm. The church & hall are open from 12 noon. Parking is possible in the adjacent Waitrose car park.
This year the service will be led by Peter Taylor (1965-68).
The Club AGM follows immediately after the service and is short.
This is followed by a splendid tea in the hall and the day's proceedings finish by 6 pm.


If you wish to become a member would you kindly send the following information to:
David Seddon 1 Fairhaven Court Norwich NR2 3RX

or email:

Name at College if different from above:
College years: