Keswick Hall College of Education

Year Group: 1967-70

1967 -70 Memories by Diana Comfort:

Attacked by swans 

I did PE main so my memories are of first day doing PE: 
Gymnastics followed by hockey followed by theory followed by swimming!
The 2nd years warned me that I would not even be able to climb upstairs - what a joke thought I - but how true their words were! I couldn't and had to go up backwards on my posterior one stair at a time. Mr Aspland was an absolute ogre!
I well remember him saying "Fit? Fit for what ?" !!!

Being dumped in Thetford forest for a day of orienteering - what fun!!
Canoeing down the river and having to camp out for 2 nights. It would have been fine if the lecturer had thought after her recee, in the winter, that maybe reeds etc. would have grown by the Summer. We were akin to David  Attenborough programme, hacking our way through the jungle - and then in a sudden clearing we came upon nesting swans. They proceeded to attack us!

Happy days....

Diana Comfort


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