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Year Group: 1969-72


Arrangements for the 50 year reunion of the 1969-72 cohort are underway for Saturday May 18th 2019 for all former students who started at Keswick in 1969.

Hopefully the day will commence with a visit to college. During the afternoon we will join the official college annual reunion at Eaton which includes refreshments, followed by an evening get-together (venue to be decided) and meal. Some folk might like to stay over and continue informally the next day.

If you are interested in the weekend please Email Susan Baker at: as soon as possible, so that we can begin to get an idea of numbers.


Remember film society, Nurse King, three cooked meals daily ( with little tea as an extra), weekend rations, water fights, lectures, teaching practice, film club, KNOW (the student paper), lesson plans, the college mini-bus, the college bar, field trips, watching Monty Python? Who would think that education five decades later would be so closely related to the latter!

Incredibly in 2002 at least two former 1969-72 students were headteachers of top performing primary schools in the DfE League Tables. Out

of 17,000 schools Reepham in Lincolnshire was 75th and Swimbridge in Devon 25th.  So – perhaps the Keswick way was the right way!

Geography Mains 1969-72

This part of the  page is dedicated to  those keen Keswickian geographers who underwent the delights of walking for miles and miles across the Vale of Pickering, getting apprehended by police on the beach at Whitby and getting completely stuck in a coach on a north Norfolk beach.... all led by the inimitable David Wright. If you were in this group read on and add your stories and updates 

Alex Dyer writes:
"I remember building a fire on Whitby beach and the police telling us to put it out as we were attracting ships towards us! 
Mr Wright and Mr Cartwright soon disappeared into the darkness!"
Alex is currently Head of Year at Stanground College, a large comprehensive in Peterborough.

Babs Waters (Tourell) is still teaching. "I spent many years in Newham in London - now in Essex"

John Illingworth sadly passed away in April 2003 from his home in Monks Kirby, Rugby. A few months before he wrote, "Any chance of the 1969-72 Geography group getting together?" 

Garry Reed was a primary Headteacher in sunny north Devon from 1981 to December 2016 (apparently the longest serving head in the country) after a few years in Cambridge. 
"After leaving college I was able to get a number of chapters of my geography special study on 'The shrinkage and wastage of peat in the black fens' published in local magazines - so I made money out of my college work!
I remember the occasion when David Wright led us to Weybourne for a field trip (see picture above) The college coach driver (just a trifle recklessly) drove onto the shingle beach and, predictably, got stuck fast! Despite the efforts of all students pushing, a beach boat winch pulling the coach, it remained embedded. I remember speculating what would happen when the tide came in. Alas we never found out as a breakdown truck from North Walsham arrived in time! Was the coach driver really called Mr Lorry? Did he keep his job?
I also remember our Yorkshire field week . We stayed at Sorby Hall, part of the University of Sheffield. One evening our leader (DW) discovered that the light bulbs had been removed from his room so it was pitch black. Shelves from the book cases were placed all around the room to be fallen over, his pyjama trousers were sewn up at the knees and his valued briefcase (presumably with all of his course notes inside) was suspended out of his window - 5 storeys up!!
As always David Wright took it in the right spirit ! The next day's walk across the moor only SEEMED to be three times the original distance!

Mary Sherwood (Radcliffe), now living in Ashby de la Zouch, writes: 
' I still see Chris Saddler and Maggie Darrington sometimes and when we were all 50 we had a 'do' in Lichfield to which Carrie Holmes also came. People don't change do they??!!! I write to Ros Higgs and Judy Charlton... I come across DRW publications all the time as I still teach a lot of Geography.'

David Wright (who has  sadly passed away) wrote " I arrived at Keswick in April 1969, as a young 29 year old member of staff". He goes on to say, "It was nice to meet 14 of the 23 '1969-72' Geographers at their big '25 years on' reunion, in October 1994 - and hadn't we all matured well! It made me realise that Keswick Hall was a rather special place." 
David's former students might like to know that he continued to live near Norwich and STILL wrote letters to people on the back of old Ordnance Survey maps!

The 1969-72 Geographers included: Geoff Dunham, Mary Sherwood, Judith Rudolfo (nee Charlton), Margaret Bingham (nee Darrington), Rosalind Ebden (nee Higgs), Mike Hamm, Christine Kirk (nee Sadler), Penny McAllister (nee Charles), John Elliot, Alex Dyer, Derek Rossiter, Mary Sherwood (nee Radcliffe), Caroline Holmes, Garry Reed, Alex Dyer, John Illingworth, Babs Waters (nee Tourell), Vivienne Botrill (nee Ellis), Chris Sadler, ( plus a few other names we cannot recall)

We would like to hear from ALL 23 1969-72 Geographers. Send your memories and photos - contact this site please - and give us you comments.

Other Curriculum groups are invited to send in their reminiscences…